Monday, June 21, 2010

Primary school graduation

Last month (yes, I suck at updating right now) Logan graduated from Primary school. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning he went to school for a few hours, learning about bugs and books, the farm, shapes and the alphabet. He sang songs and played with friends. He grew by leaps and bounds.

Being Agnostic/Atheist (whatever the hell we are), my biggest fear of needing to have religious discussions with a 4 year old were never a reality. Despite saying prayers (which were sing-song type rhymes), his only explanation to me was that they were thank you's. Not even to God or Jesus. Just 'thank you'. That worked for me! He will be attending again next year, moving up to the Pre-K class, so we'll see if that trend continues.

On the last day of class, we all met at a park to play and have a picnic. Logan was sweet handing his cards to his teachers (all three of them), signing his own name to each one. He played with a friend who seemed to be one of his best friends in class, and his mom and I talked about meeting up over the summer to get the boys together again. I handed her my business card and haven't received an email. Maybe I shouldn't be handing out my business cards when I lack a pen? Tacky, maybe. But it's better than writing my email address in spit, blood or the playground sand.

I'm so proud of Logan and all that he learned in school this last year. I hope I don't screw it up over the summer. So far, I've only made him write his name once. Mommy FAIL.

Here is a video of Logan's Spring performance. It is freakin' funny watching him up there, twisting around, bored out of his mind, singing songs that he learned this year (although, I'm taking credit for the ABC's. We worked HARD for that one!) It really shows how sweet and cute he is. Fair warning, this video is long and only appeals to my family. Everyone else couldn't care less. Unless watching random school performances is your thing.