Thursday, November 02, 2006

At 39 weeks, he's now 9 months old
9 months. Wow. It's gone by so fast. Just like the pregnancy. 9 months isn't a very long time, but so much has happened that it seems like years.

Daylight savings has really messed with Logan's sleep schedule. He wakes up really early & won't relax back to sleep. He used to wake up at 6 am, nurse & then fall back asleep to wake back up between 7 & 8 am. Well, now he's up at 6, no matter what. It was worse when he was waking up at 5 am. He didn't fuss too much when I decided that I couldn't drag my lifeless body out of bed. He was content to play with the music buttons on his mobile & I made sure to leave one of his puppy dog slippers in there to play with. He loves those slippers.

Now he's pretty grumpy in the morning because he's tired. After he nurses for the second time, right before breakfast, he usually falls asleep still latched on. So now, instead of nurse, play, nurse, eat breakfast & then nap; we're nurse, grumpy play & complain, nurse, nap, eat breakfast, happy play (sometimes). He's also been taking 3 to 4 naps a day. I think it might take another week to adjust & we'll be back to "normal". Or maybe this will be the new routine.

Logan is doing a great job with finger foods. I still feed him breakfast, lunch & dinner, but snacks are all finger foods. Buddha loves it because it turns out to be snack time for the both of them. I gave Logan some kiwi, but I think it may not sit well with him. He got a really bad diaper rash again. It's either that, or teething.

Speaking of which...his first tooth is finally on it's way out! Yesterday afternoon I noticed his bottom gums were red & swollen. Every time I brought the spoon to his mouth at breakfast, he would open wide & I could get a really good look. I saw the top of the tooth getting ready to erupt. Finally! Here I thought my baby was born without teeth or he would be teething for the rest of his life.

Playtime has been so much fun recently. He's all over the place & everything is a "car" to him. He pushes slippers, remotes & every thing else across the floor. When we're at playgroup & he sees a toy car or truck, he's instantly drawn to it. He knows how to put his blocks in his block sorter (without the sorting lid on), loves to make noise with his instruments & laughs when we play with stuffed animals & puppets.

His mobility is amazing. He crawls at lightning speed, climbs up onto everything & just started cruising long distances. He has a great time playing with Buddha. He wants Buddha to chase him, but he's such a lazy dog, he won't. He crawls for a couple of steps, then quickly turns around to see if he's being chased. He loves to step up onto his walker & play with the toys on the tray. He'll make some kind of sound or play a song & he turns around to see our reaction. It's hilarious. In the morning when we hang out & play on the bed, he loves to climb over the pillows to pat the window & look out over the back yard. We practice climbing the stairs & he's understanding how to get down them as well. Well, at least the bottom stair. He knows how to climb off the couch, but we still have to help him.

He's been waving "bye-bye" for the last couple of weeks. We've been laughing because it's backwards & he ends up waving to himself, but then we figured out why. He sees us waving with our palm to him, so he mimics what he sees. His palm to him. It was one of those "duh" moments where I realized that Logan is clearly smarter than us. Another funny thing is if he doesn't wave back, I just hold up his arm & he automatically starts waving. He's starting to give high fives too.

It seems that Logan is starting to get over his stranger anxiety. He wasn't freaked out at all when we were at yesterdays playgroup. He crawled around to everyone & even out of sight (but I could still see him). I hope this really is the end of it.

Logan is also starting to hug me more often. He tries to lay his head on my shoulders, but it's not that comfortable because I have pretty prominent collar bones. He still does it though. Then when he's cruising long the couch, he'll stop to lay his head on my lap. I love it. Baby hugs are the best!

Logan is becoming quite a handful & I swear he's starting toddler temper tantrums. There are a few times where he'll be fussy & I'll pick him up & he wants nothing to do with me. But he doesn't want to be on the floor & play with toys. He doesn't want to cuddle or read books. Sometimes I have to let him have his fit & ignore it. After a while he gets tired of screaming & is able to calm back down. I pick him up to cuddle & it's like nothing ever happened. He starts to smile again.

This is the month where he's grown so much. Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially. He is so freakin' cute & so much fun. Even if he does throw fits every now & then.


The Bents said...

Gosh! What a great personality Logan has!!! And the baby hugs...OMG That melts your heart doesn't it?? James will briefly cuddle me but he's always moving and on the go that I still love it even if it's like 3 seconds. LOL And the tantrums! OMG What is up with that? James does it too? I gotta admit, I wasn't ready for it. I kept saying, "it's teething!" And then realized, he's already making strong preferences with things and has a tantrum if he's not happy. Babies grow up overnight don't they? Sheesh. LOL

Lizzy said...

Happy 9 months little man!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Lily is starting to have tantrums too! It took me a while to figure out that that's what they were. Just fussing for no apparant reason. I'm terrified!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. happy 9 month birthday Logan!!

Emmakirst said...

Awwww, how cute! I remember those days so clearly with my older children, I sometimes sit back and can't believe we are doing this again! Happy 9 mos :)

stefanierj said...

Daylight savings time is a plot against the mothers of the world--I'm convinced of it. Just stay on one freaking time frame, people, and give me one less hassle, OK??

But congrats on all the milestones. We started having Lots of Fussing at around 7 mos but it really improved once D started walking (which for Logan might be right around the corner, LOL!). Hang in there and capitalize on the hugs. :)