Sunday, May 28, 2006

Like I don't talk about rolling over enough.
Logan is rolling over like it's his job. What's funny is he started out from front to back, but prefers back to front. Sometimes I wonder if he forgot that he can roll that way. So now we practice more on tummy time than grabbing feet time.

This morning when he woke up to eat, I walked in his room & my jaw dropped. He had rolled over at some point & was on his stomach with his face pushed into the crib slats at the head of the crib, not the side. He was all over the place. Thank God we didn't get crib bumpers.

I finally got some video of him rolling (rather than screaming in frustration). The audio doesn't work, which is fine by me. I prefer not to hear myself cheering him on (even though he likes it). It's pretty cute because after he rolls he looks up at me like, "Look Mom! I did it!"


e said...

Precious!! I love the big grin he gives you afterward!

Beth said...

Oh. So. Cute!

Anonymous said...

my baby is doing the same but i havet thought to video it. I will now. he is lovely.