Sunday, December 30, 2007

23 months old
Here we are, Logan is almost 2. 2 years old! Strangely, it's felt like he's been 2 for quite some time. It must be the temper tantrums. But, he's still cute as ever.

A week or so ago, Logan learned how to open doors. Since he was waking up early, he would just let himself out of his room & come into ours. Or, he would go downstairs & play with his toys. We decided to get the doorknob covers to try & keep him in bed longer, if it only meant he played in his room. I'm glad we got them. He now plays with his toys if he doesn't want to go to bed (or stay in bed) & it makes for a much happier mommy & daddy. When Bill gets up with him for the day, he still lets Logan in our room to wake me up. First Logan hands me my glasses from the night stand & this morning he leaned over to give me a hug & kiss. It was the best way to wake up. Ever.

Meals are still tricky & the food throwing is becoming less & less (I hope I didn't just jinx myself). I've discovered that he gets bored with his food, yet isn't always willing to try new things to eat. I'm going to have to be more creative with his meals. Over Christmas, he loved the muffins I baked & I made a few fruit smoothies for him too. I think it may be time that I invested in a kids cookbook. That & a Vegan cookbook since he's not really digging meat too much either.

I think the biggest development this month is his language skills. He's talking more & more everyday & has started to combine 2 & 3 word sentences. He sings "go get daddy" & "all fall down". When he finds a toy that he was looking for, "issa car! issa car!" His pronunciation is adorable & I'm working on getting these words on film. My favorite is when he calls snow "nose". He also calls poop "boot". It's total slap-stick humor in our house when he poops & starts pounding on his diaper "boot! boot! boot!". Yet, he's not ready to potty train.

This is going to be challenging because the boy doesn't like to be told what to do (hmmm, sounds familiar). He's shown some interest in it & can tell us if he's pooped (not if he's going to). He's also tried to pull his own pants down to sit on the potty. But, whenever I try to keep the momentum going & get him on the potty at regular times, he freaks out on me. He screams & cries, so I drop it & don't push him to do anything. After his 2nd birthday, I might try a sticker chart now that he likes stickers more (& can say it, too).

After Christmas, I was so surprised that he knew how to play with his toys right away. He loves to draw on his Doodle-Pro, build with his blocks & name all of the animal action figures he got. He knew what an octopus was the minute he played with it on Christmas Eve. I've never even said the word octopus around him his entire life. I think he's learning by osmosis. That or TV. He got a Blues Clues DVD for Christmas & has wanted to watch it non-stop. Since he's been watching it, he's talked about letters & "read". The DVD is about the alphabet & reading. I'm glad he's learning new things & he's watching educational TV, because he sure doesn't want to learn it from me.

He is also totally obsessed with Daddy. Daddy this & Daddy that. He says Daddy about a million times a day, constantly calling out for him & looking for him around the house. Daddy is by far, his very best friend. This morning when I came home from working out, I walked through the door & he pointed at me & exclaimed, "Daddy!". "I'm not Daddy! I'm Mommy!", I told him. Everyone is Daddy to him & he refuses to call me Mommy.

So next month is the Big 2 & I'll be busy planning all sorts of fun things for his birthday party. It's so weird watching him grow up so fast. I often find myself wondering where the time went. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was swaddled with his binky sleeping at the foot of our bed in the bassinet? Now he's running around the house like a wild hooligan, screaming & laughing, teasing the dog & cat. My how times have changed.

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Jezer said...

Just a month ahead of you chronologically, yet soooo many things in common, especially the love for stickers, and MOST especially the Daddy love. Except, Alex doesn't call everyone "daddy," instead he calls the Mr. "mama!" I'm starting to get a complex! Heh.