Thursday, May 31, 2007

16 months
Logan, Logan, Logan. You're getting way too big, way too fast. I know, you can't help it & you'd rather not be small forever. I get it. It's just you're clearly not a baby, even though I still call you one.

I really appreciate your sleeping in every morning. I feel spoiled that I don't have to get out of bed until 8am, sometimes later. When people talk about stay at home moms having it easy, lounging around all day, I feel guilty because I'm getting up just as "working" people are driving to the office. Not that the rest of the day is easy, but I least I get to rest up before the day.

Now, this is where we need to talk. Meal time. What's the deal? Why do you insist on throwing your food all over the floor? Mommy's getting really tired of telling you to stop & even more tired of cleaning it up. Thankfully, Buddha has earned his keep (& more weight) by helping me out a bit. How about you help mommy out too? It would be awesome if you would sign "all done" when you're finished, or not interested in eating. And I know you're still learning how to use utensils, but keep it up! Forks & spoons get the food in your mouth & not all over the floor.

You know though, you make up for your little monkey mayhem behavior when we play. Oh, it is so, so, so cute how you like to constantly read books. Sometimes it gets old reading the same one over & over again, but how I can I be irritated? We're reading books! Our morning cartoon cuddles are tons of fun too. I hope you never grow out of this.

We've been really busy during our weeks with playgroups & trips to the gym. You are quite the social butterfly. At playgroup, you run around, laughing & screaming with your friends. I absolutely LOVE watching you play with them. You just look so happy & cute. You've been doing really well at the gym's daycare too. You play so well, letting mommy workout for 2 hours (sometimes a little bit more) at a time. This is so nice of you. I'm really thankful for this break you let me have. My favorite time is when I'm finished with my workout & I sneak into the daycare room to spy on you. I watch you play with toys & kids, wandering around the room. I'll watch for a few minutes, then call out your name. When you look up, totally surprised that I'm there, just the look on you face makes my day.

You are a quick study, my little man. Your friend, Little M taught you how to play "ring around the rosies". It's funny as funny can get when I sing the song to you & no matter what you're doing, you "fall down". You also know many of the pictures in your books, body parts & requested actions (most often "blast off"). You pick up on signs very fast, but you're stubborn & will only show then to me when you want. Last night was a lot of fun though. I tried to teach you how to say "cheers". Not that I expected you to actually say that yet, but you did understand that we clink our sippy cups (your cup & mommy's drink) when we say it. I can't wait for you to do this at playgroup, clinking sippy cups with your friends. I think I will die laughing if you actually say "cheers" while doing it.

I do have a favor to ask of you though. Will you please mellow out with the temper tantrums? The screaming really gets to me & quite frankly, I'm tired of listening to you cry when you have to go on time out. If you would just listen to me, not throw your toys or scream at the top of your lungs, you wouldn't have to sit there. It's a simple as that! Listening to me would make both of our lives easier. I know it can be hard for you. Believe me. I now understand how alike we are. I'm constantly reminding myself of how I respond to demands & commands. Not very well. We're definitely related when it comes to this attitude. So, let's make a deal. You play nicely & listen to mommy, I'll be more patient, giving you options rather than barking orders. Sound good? Good. I hope this works out.

Your Dad & I both love you so much. We constantly talk about how cute you are. Your Dad beams with pride every single day saying, "We have the cutest baby in the world". I don't think he got the memo about you being a boy & not a baby, but just like me, I think he'll keep calling you a baby for a while. Watching the two of you do "boy stuff" is hilarious. Wrestling & making messes, all of the things that boring Mom won't let you do. I think the relationship that the two of you have is so special. It melts my heart.

So listen, Kiddo. You hold up your end of the bargain & I'll hold up mine. You stop throwing food, screaming (oh, & be easier about brushing your teeth & diaper changes too). I'll make sure we keep doing fun stuff together & I won't ask you to stop growing up. I'll try my best to be patient about you learning how to talk too. I know you're getting tired of me asking you to say things all of the time. So, I'll relax a bit. Let's just have fun this month playing outside, running through the sprinklers, "swimming" in your new pool & going to the park.

I'm really proud of the little boy you're growing up to be. You're cute, smart, strong, sweet, funny, loved & special. I love you more than I could ever express.


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