Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm exhausted from it all
Whoa. Tired isn't even the word for how I feel after the last two days. It was worth it though, because it was a lot of fun. Being dead tired was a small price to pay.

Monday night was Moms Night Out at The Melting Pot. I got a call from my workout/photographer friend asking if I wanted to hitch a ride with her & some of the other moms. Apparently someone decided to carpool because parking downtown is terrible & it gave the ride sharing moms an excuse to have an extra glass of wine. There were six of us in the "party bus".

We got to the restaurant & met the other moms there. We were a party of 9 & a loud one at that. We had a great time eating cheese dipped bread, fruit & veggies; delicious meats in oils & of course, the chocolate desserts. The company was great & the conversation was good. I only had one moment where I should have thought before I spoke (Am I the only one thinking about having an only?, at a table with only two other moms of single kids. Duh.) But, nonetheless, we had a fun time.

Then I got up at 6 am this morning to tidy up the house & start making muffins for the co-op meeting. I was planing on getting up at 7, but Logan started screaming (in his sleep) at 6. So, since I was up, I just got on with the day.

The muffins were scrumptious. Everyone loved them & the two dozen were almost completely devoured. I didn't even count how many people were in my living room. It was a lot. There were kids running around everywhere, screaming, crying, laughing, playing. It was all too much. It was sensory overload for me, that's for sure. Oddly enough, when Logan was ready for his morning nap (that I thought he would skip), he slept right through the riots just a few feet away from his bedroom door.

After the meeting, I tried to recoup & got ready to go to the gym to "train". I had to wake up Logan & give him a snack rather than lunch, because we didn't have time. He was good & didn't have a melt down in the daycare while I worked out with C.

We got home after working out for 2 hours & I could hardly keep my eyes open. I think I was able to catch a 20 min snooze when Logan went down for his short second nap. It really didn't help me out too much. I'm so tired that Logan is eating a hot dog for dinner for the first time ever (with summer squash, so at least he's getting something healthy).

And now...I'm off to bed as soon as Logan hit the sack.

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Mof2 said...

I haven't had time to stop by and comment, so I read though a little that I have missed. It sounds like you had a great girls night out. I would have no idea how to fit that many people in my house too, but it sounded like it was a lot of fun!