Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I think I'm going to give it a shot
Bill & I watch The Food Network regularly. There are so many great shows, with my personal favorites being the food competitions. I think the competitions showcase how food and the skill of cooking/baking is an art. I'm mesmerized by the creativity demonstrated in every dish. We also joke around about the "flavor profiles" of every entry, judging them from a far, giving them either the thumbs up or thumbs down based on ingredients.

Every single time I watch a competition, I secretly (or sometimes, not so secretly) wish I were right there in the kitchen stadium. I immediately start thinking about what recipe I would submit and if I could even compete with talented cooking contest competitors. "That would be so much fun", I say to Bill. Every. Single. Episode.

Last night we watched the Build a Better Burger contest. I piped up with my "I think that would be so much fun" comment & instantly thought of what burger recipe I would create. After watching the winner collect $50,000 for their creative concoction, I thought to myself, "I need to try out because I can totally do this". And, I've only been thinking about entering a competition for pretty much 7 months or longer. It's time to actually submit some recipes.

So, I've bookmarked about 11 competitions varying from $500 monthly contests to $50,000 & $1,000,000 yearly contests that I haven't missed deadlines for. I'm also going to keep an eye out for holiday cookie bake-off's & other baking events.

I've also thought about how fabulous it's going to be testing all of these recipes out. I've decided that I won't be the taste tester (because I would rather not gain 100 lbs doing this), but we'll have "testing parties" where all of our friends will come over to critique my creations. Seriously! How fun is that!?

I still have time (1 day) to submit a recipe for the May monthly contest. It's for smoothie recipes. Considering that I used to work at a smoothie bar & that's actually where Bill & I met (we used to work there together), I think I can whip something up in a day. We'll see how it goes!

***Update: Recipes have been submitted for the smoothie competition. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!***


Jezer said...

That is the best idea ever--well, at least for someone who is a good chef like you. :) Very best of luck to you! Just think, you might oneday have your own show, right there in between Paula Deen and Giada!

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool! Good luck! I can't wait to see you on television!

Anonymous said...

That DOES sound like fun! Best wishes!

erica said...

WOW how exciting!!!!!! You're right, it sounds so totally awesome and I have no doubt you'll make up some delicious things to eat and drink. Kira and I will be your Aussie cheer squad!! :D

Louise said...

I think thats great. After watching the build a better burger contest, I thought exactly the same thing. I am currently tweaking a recipe a mac and cheese competition.

I am going to keep checking in to see how you are doing.

goodluck fellow competitior.