Wednesday, August 30, 2006

7 Months Old!
We had a blast celebrating Logans' "birthday" yesterday. Bill came home from work in the early afternoon & we decided to go out to lunch & hang out in Old Town. We ate at a really good mexican place. We sat outside in the sun (Logan in the shade from a tree) & people watched while the restaurant next door played Bob Marleys' Legends. It was so nice.

Afterward, we walked around checking out local shops & boutiques. In the center of Old Town there's a cute little place for kids to play around. We sat there taking pictures. Logan was mesmerized by another little kid running around having fun.
Then we went to Ben & Jerry's for milkshakes. This place will be the death of me. If I die, it will be from ice cream overdose. While Bill was waiting to pay, I put Logan in the little car ride to just hang out on the seat. He had so much fun! He stood up, hanging onto the steering wheel & just talked & talked & talked. He drooled all over the place. I've never seen him have so much fun. He was really cute. I told Bill that we'll have to go more often so Logan can ride in the car. "Yeah, like that's the only reason we'll be there", he laughed.
Logan has grown so much in the last four weeks. Not just in size, but in milestones as well. He is crawling (still trying to get video) & pulling himself up. He apparently hasn't inherited the "picky eater" jeans from me or his father, because this little guy loves to eat everything. The first day he eats something new, he won't eat all of it. However, the next's down the hatch. I have to sing a song to encourage him, like how green beans are good for you or how prunes are a magical fruit, but it makes eating that much more fun.

In the morning after breakfast, we go out in the back yard to hang the laundry. Logan is all over place, pulling up handfuls of grass & trying to eat leaves. If it's a windy day, he stops to look at the trees at every gust.

He likes to try & share his binky too. When he sits on Bills' lap, Logan will try to put his binky is his dads' mouth. He tried to share with me this morning as I was changing his diaper. It made me laugh so hard, he's such a character.

When he gets fussy, the best remedy is singing "Little Red Caboose". He stops whatever he's doing when the "choo-choo" part comes up. There have been times that he got fussy in the car while I was running into the store for a minute. Bill sat there "choo-chooing" as people were walking through the parking lot. He got a lot of strange looks, but it worked!

He loves to jump around in his Jumperoo, make a huge mess with toys everywhere & now chase the animals. When I stand him up & hold his hands, he walks. So we walk after Buddha or Kitty. Buddha runs away, barking & we chase after him. Logan thinks this is the best game ever. He laughs so hard as we go after him calling him a "stinky dog" (because he has the worst dog breath in the world).

In the morning when we wake up, Kitty is usually right there cuddling with us. Logan reaches to pet her, or pats the bed to call her over. Yesterday morning I swore he was trying to say "Kitty". It sounds more like "Key", but I really think he's trying to talk & he's so close!

Logan is quite the snuggle baby now. He loves to just cozy up in my arms & cuddle. I love it too. We cuddle in the morning while trying to sleep in, after he nurses during the day & at night before he goes to bed. It's going to suck when he gets older & doesn't want to hug anymore.

I just can't believe how much he's growing. He's becoming a little boy & it's happening so fast.


Angie said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE! I love the first one of him on the bear, and the last one of him standing up driving!

e said...

You're so lucky he's so cuddly!! Kira *hates* being cuddled :(:( Shouldn't surprise me though, think she's taking after me in that regard. :\

Pictures are adorable and I can't wait to see the little guy crawling on video!!

Jenny said...

He is so cute!! He has such an expressive face too! I can't wait to see you!