Tuesday, May 01, 2007

15 months
Logan is quite the typical toddler now. It makes life interesting, that's for sure.

Nap times are hit & miss. Sometimes he takes two, other days just one. And they're not a consistent time anymore either. This part drives me nuts. I can put him down at his "regular" nap time & he'll just play around forever. Sometimes I take this as a cue that he might not need it & let him stay up, when just a few minutes later he's throwing a fit because he's tired. One cute thing about nap time is when I ask him if he's ready to go down. He'll walk across the room, grab his "special blanket" & binky, then walk over to me & hold his arms up to be picked up. It's very sweet.

Meal times are fun with me saying, "don't throw your food on the floor" or "stop feeding Buddha", 50 million times in 30 minutes. I give up on this. Through this, I've found that he really hates bell peppers & zucchini. I don't blame him, I hate them too.

The rest of the day is filled with running & screaming. He's figured out how to make a very high pitched, make your ears bleed, kind of scream. He does this. All. Day. Long. When he's excited, when he's bored. When he's happy, when he's upset. He's always screaming. He has turned into a little comedian by making raspberries without the tongue. Basically, it's a fart noise. If he (or anyone else in the house, for that matter) passes gas, he laughs & mimics the sound. I think I laughed for a straight 10 minutes when he first did this. So, when he's not running around screaming, he's running around making fart noises.

I think the biggest accomplishment this month is the end of stranger anxiety. He will now hang out at the gym's daycare without having a total melt down (he did once). He's also brave enough at playgroup where the minute I let him down on the floor to play, he's running off leaving me behind.

He's still rear-facing in his car seat, but that will end in the next few weeks. We've ordered his forward facing seat & it should get here soon. He's just outgrowing the rear facing seat. We've also talked about getting him a pillow (even though it's been suggested to wait until we convert to the toddler bed). He just loves pillows, we think he would get a kick out of having his own. I'm in the beginning stages of weaning him from his binky. For the last few days he's only had it at nap time & bed time. I'm hoping that this month is the last binky month, because I'm not buying anymore.

His physical developments are still growing strong. He climbs up onto everything, runs constantly, kicks around soccer balls, throws footballs & does somersaults off the couch. He continues to sit & read books to himself, drag toys around the living room & just make huge messes for me to clean up.

His language, while more vocal, is still just babbling. He's been saying "Da-da" consistently, & maybe "Da" for Budda, but that's about it. He does "Mmmmmm" for "moo" too, actually. Sometimes I worry about this, other times I don't. I know he communicates (through pointing & retrieving requested objects), but I guess he's just too involved with screaming rather than talking.

When we're at the park, he slides down the slide by himself now. He would rather play in the sand than on the swings & loves to walk around & explore.
We've had to do time-out twice, maybe three times. The second two were at the park, where he started to throw a fit. I put him in the stroller & told him that we don't behave like that it was time to go home. So far, so good. It hasn't been an unbearable experience.

This next month is going to be a blast with all of our outdoor activities. Hiking, playing in the sprinklers & maybe some camping (where Logan will eat hot dogs & s'moors for the first time!) I hope I can get some really good pictures of this little tornado of energy!


Ashley said...

We're right there with you. Paisley throws food on the floor, screams, doesn't listen...uh what else? It can be very frustrating, but sometimes I really have to try not to laugh!

Reesh said...

I know I can't wait for all the outdoor activities we'll get to do soon! I love watching Lily run around and explore the outdoors. So much more interesting than plastic toys I think!

Oh and Lily says Happy 15 months birthday buddy!

Mof2 said...

I wish that the food throwing would end, at 20 months it's still going strong. The farting thing is so funny. Pumpkin will do it and if anybody shows interest, she is straining trying to do it again. She gets beet red in the face. It's so hard to keep from laughing at the silly things toddlers do.

erica said...

He sounds like so much fun!! I *love* that he mimics the fart noises too!! Kira laughs at herself when she farts, and then watches for our reaction cause we laugh along with her. (I think my daughter really won't top the "Lady" list for sure!)

I can't believe her somersaults off your couch! Holy crap that would give me heart attacks. Kira climbs all over ours and we are CONSTANTLY telling her to "sit down!" or "Get down from there!" But then our lounge room is all tile and I'd rather not have to deal with a cracked skull.

Happy 15mths Logan!!!

Tonia said...

We gave Rece before he was in a toddler bed too and he loves it! Well, he still isn't in a toddler bed. And don't worry about the talking. Rece was a late talker.