Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Logan!
You are officially a Big Boy now! I think back to when you were born in the hospital, still to this day, the most significant day of my life, & I am thrilled with what a wonderful little person you've grown up to be so far. You are Mr. Independent, insisting you do things by yourself. You will even start school in a few weeks. You got your first tricycle & will have your first Big Birthday party. You are accomplishing so much & we are so proud of you.

We've watched you grow, learning to dance, run around in circles & chase Buddha. Your vocabulary has increased dramatically from saying "Ack" for duck to a multitude of words & now just forming sentences. Your confidence has grown so much that we've watched you go down the big twisty slide all by yourself & gone on outdoor adventures with your friends. The difference between One & Two is amazing.

You are such a good kid, always wanting to help us out. You help me pick up your toys & you help your Dad build & fix stuff around the house. Your sense of humor is adorable & your laugh is contagious. You are a smart kid, too, leaning your colors, reading books to yourself & counting "two, three, two, three, two, three". You're one of the sweetest boys we know, freely giving hugs to everyone you love.

We love you so much Logan, words can not express. Our life with you is wonderful & we can't imagine not being your parents. From the beginning of the day with you handing me my glasses in bed, to blowing kisses & saying "Love" at night, the joy & happiness you bring our family is unmeasurable. You are so special to us.

We hope you have a fabulous birthday with many more exciting adventures to come in this year of being Two! We love you with every fiber of our being.

Mommy & Daddy


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Logan:) I loved the video!! Isn't it amazing what a huge difference there is between 1 and 2?!?

Dawn B said...

Happy 2nd birthday big man!!
The montage was BEAUTIFUL.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!

Reesh said...

Man I am so behind on my blog checking and I really meant to check yours on his birthday cause it's the same as Lily's. I'm sure you can understand why though. It sounds like you had a blast of a time and the montage was awesome as always. Can you believe we have two year olds already!!!

Happy Birthday Logan!