Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the hunt
We've officially begun looking for a new house. I've been looking for a house since the first day we moved in, but now we're ready for & need to find a new house. We are so picky that I think it's going to take a while!

We're looking for a bigger house that has plenty of room for Logan to play, for us to comfortably host playgroup & a kitchen & dinning room big enough for tasting & dinner parties. It's a tough find in our small town, the part of town that we want to stay in & especially with the budget we want to stay within. We've found a few houses that fit that criteria & saw one tis weekend. I wasn't 100% sold. For being a new remodel, it was still really rough around the edges & the more I think about it, the more I don't think that's the house for us. I'm going to keep looking every day & possibly drive around my friends neighborhoods while we're out & about.

I hope we find the perfect house soon, as in before it gets hot at the end of the spring, so we can move comfortably. I can't believe I'm going to endure another move during pregnancy, but it sure as hell beats living here.

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Juggle Jane said...

We are unofficially house-hunting ourselves. It's hard when you have a picture in your head of THE house. I hope you find the perfect one!