Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carter at 9 months old

He got his first tooth a couple of weeks ago, small, white and shiny on the bottom left. The second is coming soon, already having erupted through the gums. He crawls around everywhere, following me around the house, chasing after Logan and speed crawling to meet Bill at the door when he comes home from work. He learned how to crawl up the stairs just yesterday, now causing me more worry. He babbles "Ma Ma" and "Da Da", knowing exactly what he's saying and who he wants attention from.

He is nine months old.

He not only crawls and climbs stairs, but pulls himself up standing. He plays with cars the most and plays along with Logan. They also wrestle and climb all over each other. He prefers Big Kid toys rather than baby toys. He used to wave bye-bye, but not anymore since he realizes that we think it's so cute. He does exceptionally well at the gym and has gone up to the two hour max without a melt down.

He is so cute.

He loves to feed himself Cheerios and blueberries. Not so much of a fan of cheese or peas and carrots unless they are pureed. He started eating banana again, but I refuse to try avocado since it makes him gag. He likes to hold his own bottle which is nice. He is a great sleeper and fights nap times and bedtimes very little. He is incredibly cute when he clutches his blanket close to his face and sucks on his thumb. He's not nearly as dependent on the pacifier as Logan was.

He is becoming more of his own person.

He is 28 inches long (40%), 17 pounds and 2 ounces (5%) and his head is 17 1/4 inches (30%). He is outgrowing his 9 month clothes and is making his way into 12 month sizes. He has an infectious smile and is in good spirits for the majority of the day. He loves to snuggle if it's only for a brief minute before he's off getting into trouble. He is fond of the cat who is so patient with his hair pulling and ear poking. He and Logan hold hands in the back seat while we drive around town.

He is growing so fast.


Joanna said...

9 months already?! Where did the time go? He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

You captured that tooth PERFECTLY in that shot!

Avocado is a slightly bland flavored fruit (or, whatever). I've noticed that slimy foods must have an instant flavor explosion (with my son) or it is over and out of his mouth. Like shrimp, boiled eggs, avocado. Usually, a sprinkle of salt, dash of lime or lemon juice, or a touch of sauce (cocktail on the shrimp, maybe ranch on the avacado?) helps them realize that the actual food isn't too bad. My son still won't eat boiled eggs.

It must be nice having a lightweight. I will always wonder what that is like. My son has only gained 6-7lbs since his 6month check up...when he was 32lbs. I have awesome arm muscles, btw ;)

It also sounds neat that he loves your cat so much! My son is afraid of them, for some reason. Probably because they practically beg for attention, and he doesn't enjoy them in his face.

Your boys both have beautiful eyes!