Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water Babies

This afternoon we went swimming for the first time this summer. Yeah. It's almost July. And we haven't been to the pool yet. Really, the weather for the last few months has been crappy - rain and or hail storms every night, regular tornado warnings that have caused people to take cover in the basement and the weekends haven't been much better. I think we've finally come around the corner leaving severe weather behind and now were headed into HOT.

Anyway, we were at the pool for a birthday party. It was a lot of fun with all of our close friends there. Logan has an awesome farmer's tan (because we haven't been swimming only playing in the back yard) and when I lathered SPF 70 on his fair skin, it didn't really blend in well, making him look even more ghostly white than he already is. I laughed joking how he was goth and never sees the light of day. He really did look an odd color.

He had a fantastic time with his friends though. He jumped in the kids pool and splashed and laughed with pure joy. "I'm so happy! This is so fun!", he exclaimed many times in the three hours we were there. He was cute and pretty well behaved.

It was Carter's very first time in the pool. He LOVED it. He had a very rough morning, skipping his nap, so I thought he was going to be a total grump. I sat in the pool with him cradled in my lap with his big, green, floppy hat covering his delicate baby face. He cuddled up relaxing in the hypnotizing motion of the water. I thought he was going to fall asleep and take his nap on me, but didn't. He got a second wind and splashed away. He loved standing and holding onto the side of the pool (clearly, it wasn't a deep baby pool) and at other times, he enjoyed sitting between my legs on the side of the pool kicking his feet in the water. He grinned his incredibly cute two-tooth smiles all afternoon.

I am kicking myself for not having the camera battery charged.

After three hours of solid pool time, it was time to go. Both boys fell asleep instantaneously when we got in the car. The rest of the day was spent laying low at home with the smell of chlorine emitting from us until bath time.

Man, I love summer.

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Anonymous said...

babies and pools are as good as watermelon and fireworks....probably better :)