Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perfect picnic

Over the last weekend, we went to the annual end of the year picnic for our Club. It's fun chatting, meeting the husbands of friends and eating the potluck goodies. This year I made s'mores brownies which were a big hit and I've been sending out the recipe all week.

Part of the fun for our event is that we rent out the train at one of the parks and the kids can ride over and over again to their hearts content. Logan was so excited this year and couldn't wait to ride the train. He had a blast with all of his little buddies and every time the train would circle the track, he would wave to us. A beauty queen wave, no less. I have no idea where he learned how to do it, but it was hilarious. He was so funny the entire night, being the cool kid with his sunglasses. Carter also rode the train - for the first time (!) and loved it too. He was a little sketched out when we went through the tunnel and the kids screamed, but not too bad. He still smiled afterward.

We were lucky we didn't get rained on, especially considering that every day last week we were hit with afternoon hail storms and we've been under constant tornado warnings. It was actually a nice evening for dinner and everything went off without a hitch. Good times!


Anonymous said...

I know I've said it before (or at least I've thought it) but y'all are a gorgeous family!

Our zoo has a train that I know Myles would love...I will probably wait until fall/winter for that trip, since now the weather is pretty unbearable for outdoor activities that are not water related.

Glad Carter was a brave little soldier and Logan has a winning wave to match the smile :)

Kristin said...

Thanks Kelly :)