Wednesday, June 28, 2006

21 weeks, he's 5 months old now!
We missed Logans' 20 th week update because of the vacation. Oddly, I didn't even take pictures either (well, not counting pictures of him with the other members of the family). So, in the 20 th week he went on his first vacation with a first flight as well. He was mauled by grandmas, aunts & cousins. Sometimes he liked it, sometimes it was too much. Thank goodness mommy was there to save him. He watched his first hockey practice & totally loved it. He met all of his family members from his dads side of the family. He met his great grandma in the nursing home & all of the other people living there were so excited that he came to visit. He had his first baby sitter who gave him a bath & put him to bed (something that up until now, only mom has done). Everyone loved to see him & were so shocked at how strong he is. There was talk about my baby workout book (that I haven't worked on since before Mother's Day. I really need to get back on track). I was told that Logan is such a laid back, happy, content & really good baby (which he is).

At 21 weeks, there have been some new developments. He now tries to drink out of a cup. I don't have anything in there for him to actually drink, but he grabs the cup & puts it right up to his mouth. I was amazed, wondering where on earth he learned how to do that. I don't drink from cups (I still have my gihugant-yes, that's my made up word- mug with the straw that I got from the hospital). Then grandma reminded me about my morning coffee. Oh that's where he got it.

The main concern has been with poop. Yea, more poop news. Before we left for vacation, Logan had not pooped in 5 days. This is highly unusual for him, as he is a very regular guy & has been ever since birth. I went to Baby Center (where I find most of my baby information) & read that his GI tract is maturing & is digesting almost all of the breast milk now. Even though it's common for breast fed babies to go days without a bowl movement, it's even more common now. He finally pooped the day before we left & I was happy that things were normal. While we were away, there weren't any bowel movements from the kiddo. It had been 7 days. Bill's family was telling me not to call his pediatrician & just give him Karo syrup & water. Ummm, thanks, but I'm going to call his Doctor before I do anything.

He wasn't fussy, didn't have a fever, wasn't throwing up, wasn't straining & his stomach wasn't tender or distended. He was still passing gas (& boy, he stinks now) & sometimes a small amount would show up in the diaper. So I wasn't freaking out. We got home & still, nothing. I called the Doctor yesterday & they told me to give him 2-4 ounces of water twice a day & I could also give him diluted apple juice. If that didn't get things moving or if things got worse, bring him in.

We tried to give him some water first. He loves the bottle & tried to hold it by himself, but he didn't like the water. Then we tried the diluted apple juice. Same thing. I think he drank about half of an ounce between the two bottle feeds. He went to bed without any poop action.

We finally found a breathable bumper for his crib & put that on last night. He slept so well. I only had to wake up twice (which in my book is an awesome night). He woke up at 6 am this morning to eat breakfast. I fed him & kept him in bed with me. He was kicking & squirming all over the place. Then lo & behold...poop! And what a freaking smelly one too. It's so bad I think I'm going to convince Bill that we need to buy a real diaper pail. He's had two major bowel movements today & I'm very relived. He is taking a nap (& it seems to be a very good one) in his bumper wrapped crib. Things are good.


Angie said...
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Anonymous said...

The day before Ava turned 3 months she stopped pooping. She went 7 days. Dr had us give her a suppository, which I HATED doing. She would only go every 5 days or so. She'll be 6 mos tomorrow and now that she's eating food, goes EVERY day. But before, when it was backed up a week - OH MY GOODNESS! The smell was horrible to handle!

Im guessing the flight went well! Glad your back! I love reading your blog. Logan's so smart (and adorable) and his rolling over and over cracks me up!

e said...

How far down are you diluting the apple juice? D and I were talking just yesterday about possibly having to give Kira some diluted prune juice (oh god yuck) on the odd ocassion. Right now I'm giving her about 2-3oz of warm water with brown sugar. work out book? I'll buy!

Kristin said...

We're giving him (or at least tried to) 1oz of apple juice to 3oz of water.

The baby worout's the workout that Logan has been doing since he was 4 weeks old. There aren't very many baby fitness programs out there (unless directed by a pediatric PT) & I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer. I better get crackin!

Ashley & Charles said...

P had the same problem at about the same age, and my mil suggested feeding her a graham cracker. I guess that's what her ped recommended back in 1978, since those crackers were made solely for that purpose. Anyway, I let a quarter of a piece soak in a little bit of juice and some water, mashed it up really well, and she loved it! I was worried because she'd never eaten solid food before, but it REALLY worked. Just an idea.