Tuesday, May 23, 2006

At 16 weeks, he's now 4 months!

Where did the time go? It goes so fast, it's ridiculous. As helpless as Logan still is, he has learned so many new things & is growing by leaps & bounds. In his size, he seems big. He's no longer the little tiny baby we brought home. I still can't believe he's wearing 6-9 month sizes. He's a long little guy. It will be interesting to see what his stats are when we go to his next Doctors appointment in a few weeks.

He can roll from his front to his back during tummy time, although he can be pretty stubborn about it. He keeps trying to roll from his back to his stomach, but right now ends up doing a counter-clockwise circle on his blanket. He still puts his hands in his mouth & he's trying to put his feet in there too. Gross. I'll forgive him though, because he's a baby & his feet are cute & smell good. He grabs onto everything too. Toys, blankets, my shirt, Bill's nose. His hand-eye coordination is coming along. He's been trying to sit up when Bill holds him & I've been practicing with him on his sitting up skills during the day. He's almost able to sit up without help. Not quite yet, but close. He still loves to stand & watch himself in the mirror.

His talking has turned into a funny sounding grunt. He prefers to do this rather than the baby yelling that he was doing last week. His giggles come & go, he can be stubborn about this too. I'm still waiting to hear him laugh. Oh, I can't wait to hear him laugh out loud! He's taking after his parents on this one. Bill & I love comedies, but it really takes a lot to make us laugh. I do have to say though, since Logan has been born, he's made me laugh out loud more than ever.

He loves to play with his toys & The Frog is by far his favorite. Logan is such a good baby. He's totally cool with sitting in his Boppy chair & playing quietly (not that I don't mind a noisy baby). He will sit & play with his feet, or the blanket for a good amount of time while I write the books or return emails. Every minute or so, I'll turn around & he gives me the biggest smile, making his binky fall out. I help him put it back in & he goes back to whatever he was doing & I'll type a bit more. He has so much fun playing with bubbles & singing silly songs. His favorite silly song right now is "Head, shoulders, knees & toes". Grandma bought him a toy that sings this along with a bunch of other songs. When ever we sing this song though, he smiles so big. I try to make him touch all of the body parts, but reaching his toes can be hard with a quick tempo.

I love hanging out with him so much. I'm really having the time of my life. He can drive me crazy at times, still not sleeping through the night & wanting to start his day before 7 am, but I think about all of the cute things he does & I don't mind. There are more fun times than crazy times during our day.


princessr9 said...

He's such a cutie and he's getting so big!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

How cute! I realized that I too wasn't putting my daughter on the floor much. Now she's finally crawling at 10 months old and here my boys were walking by this age! LOL! I guess I should've let her play on the floor more often.


Reesh said...

Technicaly he's 4 months on the 31st. It's the same damn problem with the weeks and months not lining up like in pregnancy! In any case, Logan is adorable and doing all the same things Lily does, except for eating her feet, she hasn't done that, yet!