Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Silent Film Festival
I've been able to film Logan doing some of his many cute skills. Again, the quality is kind of crappy & the audio still doesn't work (I think we just need a new camera). But, regardless....Enjoy!


Lizzy said...


I can't believe how mobile he is...walking ALL OVER! Also love that he stops right at the edge of the rug. Henry did that when he was first crawling...came to a screeching halt at the edge of the rug.

What a little man he's becoming! Adorable!

erica said...

WOW look at him go!!!!!! I had Kira on my lap watching him and she kept saying, "What's that?" and clapping in delight at him. LOL! I think they need to get together so he can teach her how to walk on the flat part of her feet and not her toes - she thinks she's a ballerina! ;)

Eriness said...

He is really really cute!