Tuesday, October 03, 2006

8 months old!
It is unbelievable that Logan is 8 months old. He has grown up so much. He sleeps well, eats everything that he tries & continues to be an incredibly active little boy.

He has been fantastic sleeping in his own room in the morning. As much as I miss waking up to him slapping my face, it's the best thing for all of us. He continues to sleep though the night, is easy to put down for naps & wakes up happy almost every time.

Breakfast is becoming a fun part of our day. Well, mealtime in general now that we're really focusing on sign language. I tell him & sign to him what he's eating, that it's hot when I take it out of the microwave, that he's eating with a spoon, drinks from a cup, etc. I pretty much sign everything in sentences. Logan knows exactly what I'm talking about. I can see it in his expression, even though he doesn't know how to sign back yet. He always gives me his big, wrinkled nose smile.

When he's not eating or sleeping, he's crawling all over the house, playing on the bottom stair, pulling himself up onto the couch or his walker & chasing after the animals. Another new crawling development...he takes his toys with him. He pushes his slipper, the remote control, a rattle, or whatever, along with him like a little toy car. I've mentioned to Bill that we should put little cars & rubber ducks in his stocking for Christmas. Logan would love it!

He is "talking" up a storm. It seems this goes in waves. Some days he's pretty quiet. Others, he's screaming (for fun) at the top of his lungs. He has figured out how to whisper as well. It is so funny to watch him play, whispering to himself. Bill & I laugh & whisper back, telling him "baby secrets". It's so cute how vocal he's getting to be.

We've been experiencing some stranger anxiety recently. It's not too bad. He still likes to hang out with Bill, but the other day was a little different. We went to Aunt Ju-Ju's third baby shower that was hosted by her in-laws. Uncle J's family hasn't had a baby in the family for a while, so they were a little grabby & baby crazy. Logan freaked out on them every time someone wanted to hold him & take him away. This was actually a time that I was grateful for stranger anxiety because I didn't like him being trotted off either. Other than that, he had fun walking around (with me holding his hands) & kicking balloons.

October, his eighth month, is going to be a really fun month. We're going to start "water babies" swim classes, story time at the library & our first Moms group meeting. I'm sure we'll have a ton of activities to go to. Then at the end of the month, my very favorite...Halloween! I can't wait to find a costume for his first Halloween. We're thinking of dressing him up like a lion because of his new wrinkled nose smile.

Life with Logan just keeps getting to be more exciting, more amazing & a lot more fun (not that it was ever boring). I love being a cute little family that hangs out together & enjoys all of what life has to offer. I just love our little man so much!


The Bents said...

Yes! A lion!!! I can see that! lol Gosh, I just can't get over how cute this little guy is. What a face. And he sounds like such a laid-back baby. =)

Beth said...

He is so cute! Great post. I can't believe he is that old already too!