Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 months old

Oh, Carter.

What on Earth am I going to do with you? Your 5th month started off a little rocky, thus why I am a whole 4 weeks behind, almost missing this month all together. Better late than never, right? I promise that I'll make it up to you in your 6th month update. I swear!
So, it all started when your hands and feet looked like little plumbs that felt like ice cubes. After nursing you in the middle of the night, I would bring you into bed with me to cuddle and snuggle for a few hours before we had to wake up and start our day. Your feet were painfully cold! I thought putting on some thicker socks was the answer. It wasn't. It turns out you have Raynaud's Disease. Fortunately, you are just fine and since keeping your room at a 70 degrees at all times, you are not quite so discolored.

Right after that scare, we had another! During one of your appointments to check out your feet we discovered that you weren't gaining weight at all for a couple of weeks. We are so fortunate to have caught that early, otherwise you would have been one upset and sick little baby. After nursing ever hour, on the hour, for an entire week, you gained the weight you needed and everything was back on track.
Since you like to just hang out and be carried around rather than use your little legs, we got you an exersaucer that you just love. You stand in there and play with your toys, watching me cook dinner or staring at Kitty and Buddha. We thought that you might like the jumperoo too, and you do! You spend some time in there jumping away, always making Logan laugh himself into hysterics. I am so proud of you and your sitting skills, sitting all by yourself and playing with toys or Logan. But, what's funny to me is that you like to use these toys, but when it comes to playing on the floor, you'd still rather just hang out and not roll around. I've caught you twice or so rolling over in bed, only because you scream when you're on your stomach. You're not in too much of a hurry to learn how your body moves.
You are definitely my little buddy, although you are becoming more accepting of other people. You have been content to hang out with some of the moms in The Club and have been OK hanging out with Daddy too. This makes me so happy knowing that you feel secure in the world around you. You are also beginning to make friends with the other little brothers and sisters in our playgroup. It's almost illegal how cute you are when you look and smile at your little friends while laying on a blanket or playing with toys. Soon enough, it will be time to start going to your own playgroup rather than tagging along to Logan's!
Speaking of Logan, you love that guy so much, sometimes I think more than me! There are times that I can't make you smile like he does. And believe me, Logan just eats it up. I'm sure he really enjoys having a pal to laugh at his jokes and stories. You two are the best brothers and certainly, best friends.

Well, Baby Bean, that about sums up the last month. Now that it's getting nice outside and you are entering your 6th month (which is always full of new experiences), we are going to have all sorts of fun. I can't wait to watch you enjoy the world around you.



Dawn B said...

oh my goodness he OOZES with cuteness!!!!!! And look at him sitting up already!!!

Jaime said...

Wow, he's so big (and rather handsome!)