Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boys will be boys?

As Logan gets older, I'm realizing more and more how exhausting it is to have boys. Young boys are challenging, often getting into trouble and keeping you on your toes. Well, at least that's how it is in our family.

The preschool boy is one of high energetic, impulsive, often violent behavior. We never play joust or swords here in our house, but somehow, somewhere, Logan picked it up and now wants to play this with his friends. There is running around and when the adrenaline is rushing, the testosterone takes over and pushing and wrestling ensue. It's shocking to realize how physical boys really are.

During playgroups or any play time with his friends, Logan has needed to sit on time-out to step back and chill after getting too excited and pushing his pals. I don't think it's to be malicious, it really is a "boy" thing, but it's still not cool. It is so different than what the girls are doing in our playgroup; sitting quietly reading books or coloring, playing nicely in the kitchen or dressing up a doll. Sometimes I think raising boys is like trying to tame a wild animal. There is something ingrained in their DNA that makes them this way and a parents job is to help them learn to be civilized. At times this seems impossible, but you still have to keep on them.

This was the situation yesterday while Logan was playing with some of his favorite buddies. They get along very well and run amok together, but I think Logan is becoming more and more physically aggressive than they are. He was running in circles with one of his pals and pushed him down. Logan went straight into time-out and then apologized, with them hugging and then running off to play again. I have no idea how to curb this other than what we're already doing (which I guess is working somewhat). However, I think Logan needs an outlet for his physical tendencies.

It's time to look into getting him started in sports.


tyfamilyadventures said...

boys do require alot of energy...I dont think they ever stop.I dont think sports even calm them down lol instead it feels like it pumps them up more...its fun to watch them though I am to the point I just get the popcorn and watch the show lol.

Ashley said...

Girls get in trouble too. They push, pull hair, etc. We do a marble jar, where every evening before bed we decide if Paisley's been good, and if she has then she'll get 1 or 2 marbles. Once she gets a certain amount (I usually do 20), then she gets to go the store and pick a prize. If she does something bad or gets into trouble she loses a marble. This usually makes her pretty upset so I find it works pretty well. Now always, but most of the time. Otherwise, I have no ideas. It's hard!