Wednesday, February 28, 2007

13 months old
Is it really 13 months? Because it feels like 13 years. So much has been going on since Logan turned one.

He is still a champion sleeper. I often read about toddlers resisting naps or bedtime. Not our kiddo! Granted, there are a few times where he plays in his crib rather than sleeping, but for the most part, he's down & out. His nap times are longer than when he was smaller too. When he once took 30-45 min. naps, now he's down for 2 hours. I seriously can't believe I was worried about him sleeping too much. I love him to pieces, but when he stops napping so much, I will be sad!

I think we are also beginning to enter the Picky Eater phase. I still feed him breakfast, because it's oatmeal & really, I clean up after him enough already. But, other than that, he's on his own. I've started to notice that he always throws broccoli & chicken on the floor. He will sometimes eat broccoli if it's hidden in a baked potato with cheese, but I can't even hide the chicken in mashed sweet potatoes anymore. Other than dairy & eggs, he's on a protein strike. My son has become lacto-ovo vegetarian. I think it's an interesting phase & I'm a little happy that I don't have to cook meat as much.

One thing he certainly isn't picky about is goldfish crackers. Actually, I think he's addicted. When he wakes up from his afternoon nap, I get him a sippy cup of milk & bring him down into the computer room to eat his crackers while I finish up with work. He is happy as a clam sitting on the floor with his cup of crackers & milk. After he's shoved a few handfuls in his mouth, he's ready to start running back & forth...with the crackers still chipmunked in his cheeks. It's common to hear me say, "Stop running with crackers in your mouth. You're going to choke", after ever sentence I type.

He also finds it absolutely hysterical to feed Buddha some of his crackers. If I'm not paying attention, I will catch him sneaking Buddha crackers as the two of them are hiding behind the futon. I'll tell Buddha to stop eating crackers & I tell Logan that those are for him to eat, not Buddha. Logan goes running off laughing with Buddha close behind, watching to see if he drops any treats. Then the next thing I know, Logan is cracking up while hitting Buddha on the head with his cracker cup. Buddha patiently sits there tolerating the abuse because he knows that at any minute, the lid to the cracker cup is going to come off & tons of goldfish are going to spill all over the floor. So, it's worth it to him. And major bonus for me, the crackers that Buddha doesn't eat are soon to be ground & mashed into the carpet by Logan.

Our days are filled silliness & activity. There's the constant running. Running back & forth. Running in circles. Running away & hiding when we play chase. It's amazing how much energy this little kid has. He just figured out how to twirl in circles. So, now he spins around, making himself dizzy. He still loves to throw his toys over the baby gates, often collecting ALL of his toys to toss. He continues to play soccer in the living room too. This morning, he attempted to crawl up onto the couch (he still has to grow another inch or so, it's a tall couch). He loves to run back & forth on the couch, tossing all of the pillows off. He tumbles off the couch & onto the pillows. I don't know how he figured out that they make good crash pads.

Because of his craziness, he is always getting hurt. There was his first black eye from the bookcase. His first fat lip from the activity table. He did a full on head butt into the front door. Yesterday he fell on one of his toys, giving himself another nasty bruise on the leg. I was planning on getting rid of the binky, but with all of this going on, it may have to wait.

His communication is become a little more clear. The other day I listed things that he "says". "MMMMmmmm" for cow. "Ack Ack" to quack like a duck. "Da" for Budha. "Aa" for cat. Today I learned that he knows how to make car noises too. Even though it sounds very similar to his cow moo, it has different inflection. However, he mostly tries to get our attention with "ah, ah, ah" or "uh, uh, uh".

He is developing great hand-eye coordination, attempting to fit blocks in the sorting bucket & stacking his stacking blocks. He loves it when I stack the blocks for him. He runs around like he's going to knock the tower down. I hold out my hand, pushing on his chest, laughing, "NO! Not yet"! He giggles & runs around some more. Then, when I'm finished I tell him "Ok, I'm all done", expecting him to knock the blocks over (something that Dad taught him). He runs over & points to all of the pictures, closely examining all of the blocks.

His favorite toy by far, is Bill's old cell phone. It's just like mine. He flips the receiver open to hear it's sound. He presses all of the buttons. He even found an old ring tone. ODB's "Rollin' Wit You". Yes, Logan is now a thug in training. He plays this ring tone over & over, bouncing around while listening to "Jesus, I'm rollin' wit you. Jesus, I'm rollin' wit you". Bill got this when he was in his rap phase years ago. Like father, like son, I guess.

Logan also knows how to use the phone, or anything that resembles a phone, putting it up to his ear. He likes to "talk" on the phone when someone calls. If I don't let him talk, he usually tries to talk over me, attempting to join in on the conversation.

He is getting more teeth. Slowly, but surely. He has five (three bottom, two top) & is getting another top. I've noticed that his bottom teeth are crooked. It makes me think that his adult teeth will be too, giving me flashbacks of life with braces.

It seems like I could go on & on about all of the things that Logan does. From having a fantastic time during babysitting, to running outside & doing a belly flop on the muddy grass (thanks Bill). Life with a toddler is certainly an adventure!

And without further ado...A picture that explains why there haven't been any pictures in the last month. Logan gets ultra mad at me for not letting him play with the digital camera.


Jake Silver said...

Well, first of all... that picture is way too cute. Which I hate because it's better than any pic I've posted of Tathan. I admit it. I think devopmentally Logan and Tate are very close. And both seem to be daredevils. Tate constantly has some sort of scratch or bruise. Even that time when he got away from me on the playground equipment and got all those scratches, he cried for a second but then he immediately wanted to go play on the swings.

I added your Virtual Trainer Blog to my Bring It! Blog. Not sure if that will actually bring you any traffic but you never know.

As far as foods, Tate eats his oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. Lunch is usually veggies and something like gerber ravioli.

Dinner is kind of the same as lunch. He eats whatever he sees US eat. So if we are eating veggies, that's what he wants. If I am eatinf fish or chicken, that's what he wants.

13 months. Flies by.

Anonymous said...

That is a great picture! You can tell he's angry and not sad. He's adorable.

The feeding things to the dog won't go away. Mine still love to do it, and Drew is going on 6. Heck--I like to give treats, too, I'm just old enough to be able to resist!

Beth said...

so cute! I love the age he is at and can't wait for Clark to get there! It will come too soon though!

Lizzy said...

ooooh look at those big fat crocodile tears!

logan sure is one amazing little boy. i can't wait for henry to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, look at those tears! Poor guy!! ..hehe

erica said...

Awww look at those big fat tears!! Worth it for the shot though. ;) He's such a gorgeous little guy!!