Thursday, November 30, 2006

43 weeks old....10 months already!
10 months. We're now in the home stretch into toddlerhood. Everyday it becomes more evident that Logan is not a baby, but a little boy.

He's still sleeping in (except for this morning). This feels like a miracle to have your baby sleep for so long. I forgot what life was like with a decent amount of sleep. His naps are consistently an hour or so, compared to the 20-45 minutes in the past. Sometimes he still takes two naps & will have one nap days when we're running around doing our thing.

His is still a wonderful eater. I'm not really making "baby food" anymore, other than applesauce & pearsauce (because I like them too). He's eating all table foods & mostly feeds himself. I only feed him breakfast because it's really messy. Oatmeal, banana & yogurt combo isn't a great finger food. Since our vacation, when we go out to eat, Logan sits with us at his own place with his own meal. It's a lot of fun to order off the kids menu. It's also interesting to see what kids eat off the menu. There have been times that I have to order a side dish that is a lot healthier for him. But he loves it nonetheless. He looks so "grown-up" & I think he feels that way too.

Playtime is still a barrel of laughs. He is really into his books right now. He is constantly sitting on the floor reading a book to himself, upside down. He loves it when I lay on my stomach next to him so we're at the same level & I read to him. He pays such close attention. Just not for very long. He is great at putting his blocks away in the bucket. We're working on hand-eye coordination so he can put them through the shape sorter. He is playing pee-a-boo by himself (sort of) by pulling a blanket up to his face, or hiding behind the couch. This is far & few between. His new "trick" is walking with his push-walker across the room, back & forth, over & over again. I'm going to try & get some video of this.
He still pulls himself up onto everything & cruises very fast. Bill & I play "balance" with him where he stands by himself & gently sits down. He thinks this is pretty fun. We watched him doing squats holding on to his walker the other day. I wonder where he got that from! Today we started practicing taking unassisted steps between us.

His social development is great. He's becoming more confident at playgroup & wanders off, exploring the house we're visiting. He plays next to the other kids, but still prefers attention from other Moms. There's still a touch of stranger anxiety, but it's turned into more of a separation anxiety. This is hard for me. While it's cute to always have him hanging on me, it gets old fast. He has total melt downs if I leave the living room/play room to go into the kitchen to load the dishwasher or cook him a meal. He hangs on the side of the baby gate, watching me, screaming & crying at the top of his lungs. It's very frustrating & I really hope this phase doesn't last long.

He is totally having temper tantrums now. He's been having them for a while, but his frustration is more evident. This mostly happens when I can't hold him, or he doesn't want a diaper change (staying still) or he can't make up his mind on what to do (on the couch or on the floor....over & over & over). When he's really frustrated he grunts, & strains his arms, flexes his stomach & grits his tooth.

He isn't talking yet & the very rare "Mom" is extremely elusive. He is working on "K", "Ga", "Ah" & "Ki". He still loves to "sing" at the top of his lungs almost all day long. He has a really cute squeak that he makes just when he sees Kitty or Buddha (or any other animal for that matter). Our pets are his best friends.

I was looking through all of our pictures last night & was in shock. Logan has changed so much in such a short amount of time. It really is amazing & I'm so happy that I could be around for all of it. We're looking forward to having a great holiday month & all of the new adventures with Logan.

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Emmakirst said...

I can't get over how fast time goes. He'll be walking before you know it. I was thinking the exact same thing about my little girl, she's not a "baby" anymore, she's so grown up. :)