Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Carter at 7 months old

Once again, he's almost 8 months and I'm a month behind. But, the last 4 weeks were pure craziness; dealing with Bill's family, then the 2 1/2 weeks of illnesses that were rampant around here. Finally back on track, I'm ready to show off Carter's cuteness in all it's glory.

First, sleeping. I think it's safe to say that he's sleeping through the night. He wakes up at 6am to nurse and has been good about going back down for at least an hour. His napping length has stretched out some - where he used to take little 30-45 minute cats naps, he's taking full-fledged 2-3 hour naps. It's awesome, but tricky. We end up missing a lot of activities due to this development.

We are back to nursing again, but since having the flu, I've needed to supplement a couple of times a day. It's not that bad, but I'm having a harder time getting the supply back up. We're lucky that we found a formula that sits well with him that he's not allergic to. Regarding solids, this kid is pickier than any one I've known. He hates avocado and throws it up. He only likes fruit and sweet vegetables. Forget about the greens. He also goes back and forth on whether he likes cereal or not. He's still getting the majority of his nutrition from milk, which at this point is a good thing or he would not be in a good place.

He loves to play with Logan and is actually playing side-by-side now. They share toys and play peek-a-boo together. It's adorable. And they love each other so much. It's fun to watch them and also just Carter on his own. He loves to explore his toy boxes on while sitting on the floor and pulling everything out.
He is mobile now, rolling around to get where he needs to go. He is so close to crawling, rocking back and forth on his knees and lunging forward. Any day now, any day...
He is one happy and smiling kid. He laughs and giggles and just has this sweet cuddly temperament that so many people are jealous of. I can't count how many times I've heard people tell me that they wish their kids were as snugly as Carter is. I used to say the same thing to others when Logan was a baby, while he was too busy being able to roll and crawl into everything. We haven't really hit too much stranger anxiety yet, but I don't think he's had enough of a chance to test it out. While at the gym, he was going for longer stretches and I was able to get my workouts done. Now I suspect we'll have to start all over again since being sick.
This age with Carter is so fun, cute and sweet. I'm trying to soak it all up while I can before he quickly grows into an independent toddler running amok around the house with his big brother.


Alicia said...

Neither of my kids would eat the "green" baby food!

Kelly said...

What a gorgeous baby! I love his expression in the first pic, and in the third he looks just like his brother!!

It is neat that you have the discipline/organization to do this...and for TWO little boys :)

angie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. C-U-T-E!