Friday, May 29, 2009

Soon to be two chatter boxes

A couple of days ago I was feeding Carter his dinner. "Ma, ma, ma, ma!" he exclaimed while wildly waving his arms and swinging his legs in his high chair. I got excited and tried to encourage him to say it again. And he didn't. He's pretty sneaky about his skills - hiding them from us, rolling in the crib when we're not around, sitting up by himself when he wakes up. It's as if he wants to make sure he's got it down pat before showing off. His first words are the same way.

A day or so had gone by and he would sneak in another "ma, ma, ma!" every now and then. At dinner last night, I was talking to him and repeating "ma, ma" as he grinned from ear to ear, so much that his eyes squinted as he watched every motion of my mouth. He silently repeated the motions back.

Today though, it seems as though he is comfortable with this new skill and mixed right in with the shrieks, cries and yells along with Logan, there are bursts of "Ma, ma, ma!" Crawling around the house exploring new textures and spaces, playing with toys and his big brother, feeding himself peaches and Cheerios, this Baby Bean is quickly growing into a Little Sprout much too fast for my liking.

First smiles? Check.
First foods? Check.
First moves? Check.
First words? Check.



erica said...

Goes way too quick doesn't it? Carter is so much like Kira, it's amazing. She was super sneaky with all her skills too (so much to the point that I thought she was behind.. how dumb was I!). I'm so not ready for Nyki to become a toddler. I have a love/hate relationship with all the things she's doing/saying already... it's just tooo quick. :( :(

Jaime said...

It does go by waaayyy to fast. It's amazing but frightening at the same time ;)