Friday, May 01, 2009

Road to recovery

Knock on wood, but I think we're getting better and this weekend we will be back in action. Carter is no longer coughing and only has a runny nose. Logan threw up late last night, but is fine today, eating meals, even if they are small. I'm no longer nauseous every minute of the day and only feel gross for short periods of time. With a little more rest, we should be good.

It's been a long time - 2 full weeks of varied illnesses. I hope this is it for a long time.

Along with our appetites and energy, my milk supply has suffered. The first day I was sick, I was unable to nurse Carter for a solid 24 hours. We had no choice but to bottle-feed because I was throwing up every 15-30 minutes. I was also very dehydrated and it took a few days to get back on track. Building the supply back up again is more difficult this time because Carter is now a distracted nurser, unlatching to look around after only being on for a millisecond. Sometimes he gets frustrated and bites. So, we are supplementing for now and still working on building back up. I hope this doesn't mean bye-bye to breastfeeding forever.

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SwizzlestickMama said...

Yikes. I hope everyone is feeling much better and you were able to enjoy your weekend!