Saturday, May 16, 2009

Preschool picnic pony rides

The preschool that Logan will be attending in the fall had their end of the year family barbecue and fundraiser last night. All of the families that are currently attending and those that will be were invited, as well as friends if you'd like them to tag along. There was food galore; hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, pulled pork, potato chips, fresh pineapple, buttered rolls, orange drink (you know the stuff they have at McDonalds that is scarily similar to the drink you need for the gestational diabetes test), donuts, cupcakes, brownies - it was a great spread. There were fun things for the kids; balloon animals, face painting, a bounce house and pony rides.
Logan with his orange spider painted on his face. Orange is his favorite color.

We had a great time. It's kind of funny because we know so many people who currently attend and there are so many of our friends enrolled for the fall that the school had to open up a third schedule to accommodate everyone and still keep the classes small. The family barbecue was just like hanging out with our friends with a few strangers mixed in.

With Carter strapped to me in the Bjorn, I tried to make my way around to talk to everyone (and missed a lot of people) while Logan and Bill did the fun stuff. We sat down to eat at just the right time, where Logan ate more sugar in that one meal than he's ever had in his entire life. He was on a sugar/fun high afterward running around like a cracked out 3 year old with a smile from ear to ear. It was good that the picnic was outside where he could jump around and scream about how happy he was.

The school had a pony there for the kids to ride, this being Logan's first-time ride. He saw the horse and was thrilled that he could actually have a chance to sit on it. He waited patiently for the 35 other kids signed up before him to take their turn. Once he finally got his chance, he loved every minute of it. He was calm and relaxed and just elated. Carter loved it when the horse came back after every kids' turn, kicking and jumping in the carrier, squealing away. The two of them were freakin' cute.
After the ride, I chatted with friends some more while Bill took Logan to the bounce house again. I think I might have even picked up a new client while hanging out. By the end of the night, it was getting dark and cold, so everyone began to pack up and say their good-bye's. It was a fantastically fun picnic! I can't believe Logan is going to be in school in a few short months, but I know he will enjoy every last minute of it. I just hope he doesn't expect pony rides every day when he starts going.

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Joanna said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun! Logan looked to have had a blast.

I hated drinking that orange drink when I was pregnant...It was horrible! They shouldn't be able to serve that to the public!nti