Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And they walked and walked and walked...

The sun was shining bright, the weather was perfect and Carter's nap time worked out so that we could walk to the library for story time. The new library is just a short walk, about 20 minutes with Logan walking behind (or running in front). It's long enough that it wears him out and puts a kibosh on his spastic boy behavior but it's also short enough that it's not like I'm making him walk a mile uphill both ways in the snow without any shoes.

While we were walking, Logan kept complaining about how he was tired and hungry. We were no less than 1 minute away from the library and he starts talking about wanting to go home. I kept dragging him along in my personal trainer fashion telling him that once we got to the library, he could sit and rest while listening to story time. That was good enough for him and we got there, on time (this is a miracle).

We arrived just in the nick of time along with a HUGE group of other moms, grandparents and kids of all ages. It was the largest group I've ever seen for story time and the librarian made a comment to everyone that there are other story times during the day that are less crowded. I sat in the back with Carter to feed him a bottle while Logan sat quietly on the floor with the other kids, holding onto two of his cars from home.

In the past I had always skipped out on story time at the library with Logan because he just didn't have the ability to sit still and actually listen to a story. Now that he's a little older and can follow directions (better), he is able to enjoy it to the fullest. He was on his best behavior, not wiggling around or freaking out, but sitting nicely and paying attention the the story. He participated in all of the group activities (song actions) without any help from me. He had a great time and would look back at me and smile a big smile every once and a while. It was pretty cute. The librarian read two stories, sang some songs, did a little puppet show and at the end, brought out the library mascot - a giant raccoon, much like a character you'd see in Disney Land.

The look on Logan's face was priceless. He was so excited and waved to "Fisher" while all of the kids lined up (or rather, crowded in a large mass) to shake his hand and give him a hug. Logan was awesome while kids were pushing around him. He held his own not getting bullied, but he wasn't being impatient and cutting in line like most of the kids were. Once the crowd thinned out a bit, he was able to shake his hand and give him a high-five, the highlight of his day, I'm sure. He certainly had the perma-smile to prove it.

Afterward, we played in the discovery area for a while and I talked with a friend for a bit. Logan and I looked for some more dinosaur books to check out and then we were on our way to Target to look for a Disney Car that he didn't have yet (an obsessive hobby. Seriously. It's bad). We didn't find one, so we walked back home with Logan complaining some more. I thought of the pioneer songs I used to sing as a kid and in true old-person form, I thought to myself "Damn, if the pioneers can walk thousands of miles across the country, you can walk for 20 minutes, kid".

It's on days like this that I think we had done so much physical activity that Logan would positively pass out on the couch after lunch. Not so. He ate lunch and spent most of the day outside in the backyard, hanging out in the sandbox. Carter was pretty good and played with toys on the floor and worked his way around the entire living room rolling and almost crawling (he is so close). I was able to get some work done on the new blog too (I didn't think this would have happened). When Bill came home from leagues, Logan was still up, had not napped and talked non-stop about the giant raccoon. I suppose it was still a fun day for him even though he was forced to walk a bit.


Anonymous said...

I saw one of the 'Cars' characters are Target the other is the mini-van with the mattress strapped to the top (the one that passes them on the freeway in the beginning of the movie) and I thought of y'all!

Joanna said...

Sounds so much fun! I am so jealous, y'all can walk to the library and Target!

SwizzlestickMama said...

Sounds like a fun day! Glad everything went so smoothly.

Jen said...

Oh my god, the old-lady Mormon hidden inside you just totally came out!! :)

*Little pioneer children, gathering chips for wood..."

Kristin said...

Kelly - we have that one! I just found 3 more today. It's out of control.

And Jen, I thought you'd get a kick out of that :)