Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's on like Donkey Kong

For the last week, I've had my body back all to myself. Carter is 100% bottle-feeding now and my body definitely shows it. I've still been eating (or not eating) like I don't care and since my body has adjusted, my metabolism has slowed down from not burning that extra 500 calories for milk production. It's no longer baby fat that I'm carrying around. It's chunk.

It's time to get crackin' on this. I can workout as hard and as much as I want to now, and since things have begun to calm down at home, I can focus more on getting myself put back together. I took some before pictures today and OH. MY. GOD. If anyone out there is having a hard time getting motivated, take a picture of yourself in a bikini. It's even better if the bikini doesn't fit. Take pictures all the way around, from the front, a side view and the best - a back shot so you can see how big your butt got. That right there is motivational GOLD. If you don't have visitors swing by the house often and you don't mind permanently scaring your family, print it out and tape one on the fridge and one on the pantry. Every time you want to munch on crap, you will see your flabby ass and will never eat a damn cracker again. It's celery from here on out and you will enjoy every last bite while you are shocked into fitness program compliance by your chub.

I'm taking measurements tonight. I am not posting pictures until I have an "after", either 4 weeks later or 8 weeks. Whatever is the least humiliating. I will be at my goal in 3 months. Just in time to really get working on the nutrition book.

It's time to get back into true personal training shape.


Joanna said...

I know that if anybody can do it you can!!

And your so right...I think if a picture of my cottage cheese was looking at me I would def NOT eat that cracker!

Can't wait for you to get your book out! I have got to head over to your site today and read up on icing and hamstrings are KILLING ME!

Oh, maybe I should measure too...Hmmm..Hadn't thought about that.

Kristin said...

For your hamstrings, check out the info on flexibility and SMFR. The ice/heat is more for training injuries and I think you just need some deep muscle work to get the knots (lactic acid & scar tissue) out.

And measurements are a necessity when achieving a fitness goal. It's more than just the number on the scale, since that tends to fluctuate often (as you know!). I'm doing tape measurements, scale and body fat percentage with my calipers.

The body fat % is the most important number to me. Pre-kids, I was at 17% with as close to a six-pack as I could get without looking like a man. I'm WAY more than I want to be, but I want to get back as close as I can to the 17% again.

angie said...

Yeah, I need to take pictures of myself (but then I'll cry). Moving from California to Maryland KILLED me. Dealing with the winters and being cooped up did me no good. Ate too much and now my jeans don't fit. Anywhere I go I have to unbutton my pants just to breathe when I sit. Oh so depressing.

SwizzlestickMama said...

Ummm....I will deliver at the beginning of swimsuit season. Ugh. I am really NOT looking forward to finding a suit I will fit into--because I know it won't be last years adorable tankini!

Looking forward to hearing of your progress--it will keep me on track (luckily I will be nursing, and that was like magic with Stink).