Thursday, August 31, 2006

A family reunion of sorts
I'm feeling a little anxious today. My dad is coming out to visit tomorrow & will be here for the weekend. I haven't seen him in years, I think 10 or 12. This will be the first time he meets Bill & Logan.

It's going to be emotional for him meeting his first grandson & making amends with his first born. I'm probably not going to make it any easier by asking a lot of tough questions about my childhood. These are things that I have to know & understand, especially with my personal view & feelings as a parent. I have to know why it was the way it was.

Other than a bit anxious, I don't know exactly how I'm feeling. I'm not feeling overly emotional or really anything. I guess distant is the best word. I don't know if this is denial, or if it's a continuation of the distance that I've felt from him for pretty much all of my life. It's kind of strange to not feel much of anything in a life event like this.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

7 Months Old!
We had a blast celebrating Logans' "birthday" yesterday. Bill came home from work in the early afternoon & we decided to go out to lunch & hang out in Old Town. We ate at a really good mexican place. We sat outside in the sun (Logan in the shade from a tree) & people watched while the restaurant next door played Bob Marleys' Legends. It was so nice.

Afterward, we walked around checking out local shops & boutiques. In the center of Old Town there's a cute little place for kids to play around. We sat there taking pictures. Logan was mesmerized by another little kid running around having fun.
Then we went to Ben & Jerry's for milkshakes. This place will be the death of me. If I die, it will be from ice cream overdose. While Bill was waiting to pay, I put Logan in the little car ride to just hang out on the seat. He had so much fun! He stood up, hanging onto the steering wheel & just talked & talked & talked. He drooled all over the place. I've never seen him have so much fun. He was really cute. I told Bill that we'll have to go more often so Logan can ride in the car. "Yeah, like that's the only reason we'll be there", he laughed.
Logan has grown so much in the last four weeks. Not just in size, but in milestones as well. He is crawling (still trying to get video) & pulling himself up. He apparently hasn't inherited the "picky eater" jeans from me or his father, because this little guy loves to eat everything. The first day he eats something new, he won't eat all of it. However, the next's down the hatch. I have to sing a song to encourage him, like how green beans are good for you or how prunes are a magical fruit, but it makes eating that much more fun.

In the morning after breakfast, we go out in the back yard to hang the laundry. Logan is all over place, pulling up handfuls of grass & trying to eat leaves. If it's a windy day, he stops to look at the trees at every gust.

He likes to try & share his binky too. When he sits on Bills' lap, Logan will try to put his binky is his dads' mouth. He tried to share with me this morning as I was changing his diaper. It made me laugh so hard, he's such a character.

When he gets fussy, the best remedy is singing "Little Red Caboose". He stops whatever he's doing when the "choo-choo" part comes up. There have been times that he got fussy in the car while I was running into the store for a minute. Bill sat there "choo-chooing" as people were walking through the parking lot. He got a lot of strange looks, but it worked!

He loves to jump around in his Jumperoo, make a huge mess with toys everywhere & now chase the animals. When I stand him up & hold his hands, he walks. So we walk after Buddha or Kitty. Buddha runs away, barking & we chase after him. Logan thinks this is the best game ever. He laughs so hard as we go after him calling him a "stinky dog" (because he has the worst dog breath in the world).

In the morning when we wake up, Kitty is usually right there cuddling with us. Logan reaches to pet her, or pats the bed to call her over. Yesterday morning I swore he was trying to say "Kitty". It sounds more like "Key", but I really think he's trying to talk & he's so close!

Logan is quite the snuggle baby now. He loves to just cozy up in my arms & cuddle. I love it too. We cuddle in the morning while trying to sleep in, after he nurses during the day & at night before he goes to bed. It's going to suck when he gets older & doesn't want to hug anymore.

I just can't believe how much he's growing. He's becoming a little boy & it's happening so fast.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Silent fun
Here's video of Logan jumping in his Jumperoo. Once again, it's silent. I have no idea why, as I'm not a video or computer genius. I'm not too upset because I'd rather not hear myself laughing "Jump-a-Jump" with Logan. It makes him smile & jump all over. I wish the quality was a little better too, but I guess practice makes perfect.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Our busy little boy.
We're still on "operation video tape". We have some fun video of Logan jumping in his Jumperoo, but not crawling or standing. I think he's trying to be funny by not cooperating. I'll have video up when our resident computer geek comes home from work to install the program & find the USB cable.

I did get some pictures of him standing in his crib for the first time & some pictures of him playing around. So here's a mish-mash of cuteness.

Playing on the computer with Dad
It's never to early to learn about safety. He's strapping Fuzzy Bear into the car seat.

Starting to pull himself up
One of the cutest faces
"Look at what I just did Mom"!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Everything all at once.
Not only is Logan crawling, but pulling himself up as well. He's been trying to do this for the last couple of days, but he tried to pull up on toys, not furniture. Clearly it didn't get him anywhere but up on his feet in a sort of crab crawling position.

This morning I've been making more baby food & cleaning the house. I did a pretty deep clean in Logans' room using our new vacuum cleaner (that I'm so excited about. I think this makes me an official "clean freak mom"). I had Logan hanging out in his crib.

The next thing I know, I turn around & see him up on his knees & chewing on the railing. Then I watch him pull himself up. He stands there smiling at me, quite proud of his new trick. "Holy freakin' crap! Are you kidding me?", I laugh. I called Bill at work (who's working to cover for a co-worker vacationing in Turkey. Brave soul). "I need you to do something for me when you get home tonight". "Ok, what?", he asks. "Logan's standing up in his crib right now. We're going to need to lower the mattress so he doesn't try to climb out & fall on his head".

I'm really paranoid right now because we're in between health insurance coverage. We'll be covered on September 1st, once we decide on what to do. With a curious & extremely active little boy, I'm trying not to freak out.

***pictures & video coming soon***

Friday, August 25, 2006

He's crawling!
Yesterday afternoon Logan & I were playing on the floor. He crawled about six steps. He knows exactly what he's doing. He gets tired pretty quick & his crawl turns into a creep, but I call it crawling nonetheless.

I talked to Bill on the phone while he was at work to tell him the news. When he got home I had Logan playing on the floor so he could see his new accomplishment. It took a little while, but he did it again. Now we're on "operation video tape". It's a lot like trying to tape his rolling around. We'll keep working on it today, but it will most likely be up this weekend. Wow. I'm going to be a lot busier now.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A pivotol point.
I usually don't write about our marriage on the blog. I feel that some things are better left private & sacred. However, this event deserves a post. As small of an action that it may have been, it made a huge impact.

Our marriage has been challenging for the last year or so. The adjustment to new roles & responsibilities have taken a toll. In the beginning with Bill's old work schedule, I felt like a single parent who was held hostage in a house all day long, all week long. The issues with his mother certainly weren't helping any either. I felt like I wasn't being listened to. I wasn't being understood or supported emotionally. I really felt very alone. I know that he felt unappreciated & the lack of time for just the two of us really bothered him. I know he felt that there were expectations that were difficult to meet.

There has been tension between us. I've called my sisters crying many times. There were times I questioned our relationship & wondered if we should keep going on. I had even gone as far as making plans to move out with Logan if I had to. These were just some of the things that we had been feeling.

We've been working on things, slowly but surely. We really wanted to save our marriage & make it work. Not only because it kills the two of us to think about "sharing" Logan & living in a divided home, but we really want to do it for us. Fortunately there is more love there than resentment & bitterness.

Since our move, things have been better. Bill has been home more & I feel like we're really a family. We're out & about on almost a daily basis. Bill gives Logan a bath every night & stays home to play with him while I get a break & work out a few times a week. This change alone has done wonders.

Not much had changed on the emotional level, until yesterday. I still had ill feelings with how Bill sided with his mom on our housing issue. I stood up for myself & he didn't say anything. I had been feeling like it wasn't a marriage of two, but three.

It came to my attention that "Grandma L" thinks I'm starving Logan. I had a conversation with her the other day where she asked about his liking of solids & if he was gaining weight. "Oh, good", she sighed in relief after I said yes. After much thought, I realized that she has felt that way from day one. From all of her comments about "that's the problem with breast feeding", "when is Logan going to start formula, eating solids" (asked at 4 months old) & telling me that his stomach is constantly growling. She created quite a complex on my end, making myself question my actions as a mother.

I researched & made calls to Logans' pediatrician to make sure I wasn't starving him. Everyone assured me that he was growing just fine. He had plenty of wet diapers. I was reminded that at his 4 month check-up, the Doctor recommended that we stop one middle of the night nursing to help him sleep through the night. If he was starving, this recommendation wouldn't have been made. Logan was & is a healthy, happy little boy.

So needless to say, her comments & reaction pissed me off. Big time. Bill came home from work & asked what we should have for dinner. "I'm not that hungry. Dinner is the last thing on my mind right now", I replied. "Well, what are you thinking about"?

Reluctantly, I told him. "You were a statistic of childhood obesity. She fed you Coke & Snickers after dinner every night. Food is not the solution for every time he cries! She is the last person I would listen to about infant nutrition & I will flat out tell her off", I said. He sat there & listened to me. Not just listening to me, but hearing me out.

He didn't defend her. He said that he would talk to her. He assured me that I was a great mom. He knew it & Logan knows it & that's what matters most. He said that we could even make up lies to shut her up. That made me laugh. He hugged me & I cried on his shoulder as I vented. I felt better. Instantly.

This is what I've needed all along. A hug, some reassurance & someone to back me up. In this 5 minute action I felt a click. A switch. Like a train moving to a different track. Not only did I feel better physically, but emotionally too. It was like the clouds parted & there were warm rays of sunshine. Now I feel like we're on the same page.

So Billy, if you read this...Thank You. You really made me feel so much better, on so many levels. I love you with all of my heart.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

29 th week pictorialWe had the carpets cleaned yesterday afternoon. We hung out in the back yard so we could stay out of the way. It's a lot of fun having Bill home more. He can help take pictures so we have some of all of us.
Logan loves to be in the back yard. He grabs handfuls of grass & plays with the leaves that have fallen from the trees. And yes, he tries to eat them too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Making a plea to Blogger.
A few days ago I was looking through my site meter, checking out some stats & seeing where people are coming from. I came across a blog that stumbled onto mine through the "next blog" button. I clicked the URL. I almost died. I got nauseous. I felt disgusted. What the hell! How can this be on Blogger?!

Now, I've surfed though the "next blog" button before. I've found some of my favorite blogs, interesting blogs & I've found some trashy adult blogs. Whatever. To each their own. By no means do I want to incorporate a censorship policy. If you're an adult, you can make adult choices. It's your adult decision. However, when it involves children, it's illegal.

Looking though the Blogger Home page & Dashboard, I couldn't find any direct contact information to report this blog so it could be deleted. The only information that I found was on the "flag" option. This is lame. To get Blogger to notice a "questionable" blog, it takes an outcry from the masses. I flagged it anyway. It didn't make me feel like there was a resolution. I reported it to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. I felt a little better that the law was involved. But not really. The blog is still up. And after a round about email, no response back from Blogger.

As a Mother, a survivor of abuse & a human being with a conscious, I feel like something else needs to be done. I feel like my efforts have been futile. I won't rest until I feel like the right thing has been done. I can't rest until it's deleted.

I also feel that there needs to be a change, or rather an addition to Blogger. There needs to be direct contact information so that illegal blogs such as this can be deleted. With the millions of blogs out there, it's difficult to police them all. It's up to the subscribers & readers to take a stand. How are we supposed to do this without the proper avenues?

This is where I need everyone's help. I know there aren't thousands or even hundreds of people reading our blog, but there are enough to make a difference. Please, everyone who reads this post, spread the word. We need Blogger to listen to us in this situation. All we need is a simple way to report illegal blogs. That's it. It shouldn't be difficult. If flagging is the only option, I will not link that blog to our family blog. No way. I don't want pedophiles to be directly escorted to pictures of my son. However, I will send out emails with the link. The sad thing about this is that everyone will have to go to the blog that displays the illegal content in order to flag it.

Please email me or link to this post or, if anyone knows someone who works for Google or Blogger, send them here. If you've been in a situation like this & have had success with a different option, let me know!

***Update 8/23***

Thanks to everyone flagging the blog & sending emails to NCMEC or other child protection sites, the blog has been deleted! I really appreciate all of the help from friends, family, mom bloggers & the moms from Baby Center. Without this kind of reply & support, that blog could have been up for a while. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Logan has a new nick name. Hoot. It was given to him by Aunt Ju-Ju. We were all hanging out yesterday at a local festival. We had a great time eating funnel cakes & walking around checking out local vendors. Logan loved people watching & checking out their canine tag-a-long companions.
We were talking about Logan & his activity, creeping around, getting into all sorts of things & making the biggest mess I've ever seen a six month old make. We talked about how he doesn't like to go to sleep & sits up in his crib. We've found him asleep slumped over on his feet a couple of times. The other night he cried for 2 hours straight, trying his best not to go to bed.
He also likes to hoot like an owl. When he's in good mood when he goes down for a nap or for bed, he'll hang out & "hoo, hoo, hoo" for quite some time. Sometimes it's a "hoo", other times it's a "Hmm". Either way, it's pretty freakin' cute. As we we're talking about this, Logan joined in the conversation, owl style. Aunt Ju-Ju got a kick out of it & they "hooted" back & forth to each other. Logan certainly is a hoot!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

New town...updated blog.
Since our internet conection was established, our computer crashed. 10 times. Yeah. It sucked. We lost all of our music (over 20,000-30,000 songs) & Logans pictures. We burned his first 3 months on disc, so that's ok. However, most of his 3-6 months pics are lost. I've put the best of the best on PhotoBucket & I still had about 200 on the camera memory card. So, it could've been worse. We also had our desktop calendar & address book erased. Now I have to hunt down birth dates & addresses again. Fun.

Since we're doing "construction" on the hard drive, I figured this would be a good time to update the side bar. I'm going to add some new blogs to the blog roll. If you want to be added, just leave me a comment. I need new reading material since my bookmarks got erased as well. Plus, it's cool to see who's reading about Logan & our wacky life. I noticed a few new people that stopped to say Hi while we were moving. That's awesome :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

I love this town.
I'm back to my hippy ways again. It feels great. While Logan has been taking his nap, I've spent my morning cleaning up the kitchen, doing a load of laundry & hanging it out to dry. With the lack of room in the U-Haul, we left all of our appliances at the house. The house we're renting has a washer but not a dryer. Instead of lugging wet clothes to the laundomat, we strung a couple of ropes between the trees in the back yard to make a clothes line. Once we get our appliances, we'll take this down & hang a hammock there.
Hanging the clothes out to dry in the morning is actually very relaxing. The wind blows through the trees, the birds sing, hawks cry out & red squirrels nibbling on fruit run around watching me hang up Logan's socks. The fresh air feels so good.

After hanging the laundry up, I started making Logan's baby food. Last night we went grocery shopping at a small organic store to get stocked up. I love having organics close to home & not from "Whole Pay Check". This place is very reasonably priced. So now I'm soaking prunes, baking peaches then I'll boil some sweet potatoes. All the while drinking my organic coffee.

Yes, I know I'm a nature nut. But at least I know who I am. I know I'm not a suburban stay at home mom. I was never comfortable playing that part. If feels nice to be me again.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's Logan been up to? Weeks 26, 27 & 28
Logans sixth month has been pretty interesting so far. He's been a trooper though all of the changes & chaos that has been happening. He was only upset once & that was when we stayed at the hotel. Nobody was comfortable that night anyway.

He learned how to push himself up into a sitting position. The first time he did this was in his crib. Bill went in to get him & he was sitting up. Then he did it again the next night. It was kind of creepy at first, just seeing him sitting in his crib. Now he pushes himself up all of the time & he started to creep better as well. He creeps more than rolls. He does a one-arm army crawl on the floor to reach things (mostly cell phones or cables that he's not supposed to play with). In the last couple of days he crawled a couple of steps. Not far, but he's getting the arm/leg coordination down.

He's learning how his fingers work. There are times that I'll catch him looking at his hands & moving his fingers. Some people have said that he's waving good-bye, but I don't buy that. I think he just thinks fingers are cool. He knows he has hair too. He likes to rub his head by his ears & sometimes pulls it. At first I was wondering if he was getting an ear infection because he was doing it all of the time. I guess hair is as cool as fingers.

He's eating two "meals" a day. Breakfast & lunch. Sometimes a snack too. He's had prunes & prune juice, pears & peaches in these last few weeks. Tonight I'm going shopping so I can make his food again. We'll start on a new vegetable tomorrow. When he eats he makes this really loud grunting moaning sound. It's so funny. Then if I'm not feeding him fast enough he gets louder, kicking his legs & smacking his hands on the tray. He's starting to spit food too. He spit on Bill, but not on me, yet.

Logan got his first paper cut last week. We were reading a book on my bed. He was patting the pages as I read & the next thing I see is blood smearing all over the page. I grabbed his hand & saw a pretty big paper cut on his thumb. I tried to put a band-aid on it. It didn't work. 10 band-aids later, I realized that he would just keep pulling them off.

Right after we moved, stranger anxiety was starting. Every time I left the room leaving him with his Aunt or Uncle, he would freak out. He even did this when Bill held onto him. The minute he was back in my arms, he would smile again. I didn't know what to think of this. I know it's normal, but I was hoping to get some freedom after the move. He seems to be better about it now. He does ok in the nursery when I work out (he made it a full hour on his second day) & didn't freak out when we left him with a sitter for a little bit. Maybe the move & all of the changes were too much at once. It didn't take him long to adjust though.

I would say that he's pretty much sleeping though the night now. YEAH! He nurses around 6 or 7:00 pm & sometimes wakes up again before midnight. After that, he's out until 6 am. He sleeps in a little bit longer with me until 8:00 & we're up for the day. This has been pretty consistent since settling in. I love it!

****pictures coming soon****

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The moving story part 2
Comcast was able to get us hooked up to the internet this afternoon. YEAH! I swear, if I play another game of solitaire, I'll go cross-eyed crazy.

So, on with the rest of the story. When I left off, we found another place to live & needed to settle things with the guy of the other house. He first was ok with everything & then we called the new house to sign another lease & another check. This was in the afternoon around 3:00pm. We were going to meet up at 7:00 pm to get the new house. Then the guy from the other house called saying that he needed to talk to his attorney, he was willing to re-tile the entire bathroom & put in new carpet in the basement (someone had let a cat in after we had done a walk through). This is why we could be held liable for a lawsuit.

Now we were stuck. The guy couldn't talk to his attorney until Monday morning. This was Sunday afternoon. Bill started work the next day & Bill's mom was staying at his sisters one bedroom, one bathroom house & there wasn't any room for us there. All of the hotels were booked up that weekend. We didn't have a place to set up a crib for Logan & no where for us to sleep. I was frantic & massively upset. We were literally homeless.

I was changing Logan's diaper on the couch & as I finished, I put everything back in his diaper bag. In this process he toppled over from sitting to his stomach. Bill's mom let out a gasp & jumped up from the chair. I snapped. "Relax! I've got him. I'm not going to let him fall off of the couch, especially when I'm sitting right next to him". She got up to go into the other room to cry. I just sat there steaming.

Bill went in & got his mom out saying that we needed to talk. He was going to take Logan for a walk. I've never wanted to tell her straight up about how I felt because my tone wouldn't be easy to control. But I told her. I told her that she needed to back off & let me be a mom. I'm not going to live in a place that would be dangerous for him, I'm not going to let him fall into a wood burning stove. I'm not going to let him fall off of a couch. I told her how it was belittling for her to take Logan out of my arms when he got fussy. It made me fell like she was stepping in because I wasn't capable of calming him down. This whole conversation was me standing up for myself, without crying & without screaming. I apologized for snapping at her, but explained that I was under some extreme stress. I sounded frustrated, but I made sure to say everything matter of factly. She cried & threw her arms up in the air saying that she wasn't going to say anything ever again (I hope that is a promise).

So after that whole conversation, Bill & I went to the house to take pictures of the mold. Really, I wanted to get another look to see if it was as bad as everyone was making it out to be. As we were leaving Bill's mom said that we wouldn't be able to take pictures because the mold was behind the wall. How we were supposed to prove this if we had to go to court was beyond me.

Now it was 7:00 pm & we went to the new house to go over paper work. Nothing was resolved from the other house but after another phone call, the guy said he wasn't going to be a jerk about it. We weren't able to sign the new lease until the next day, but we went through the house. We're renting from the cleaning nazi. There is a huge list of what to clean when & with what products. There are white glove joke. It's very controlling. $780 more than expected, another check was signed. Bill asked if it would be possible for us to move in that night because we didn't have anywhere to sleep. She said that it wouldn't be a problem & she & her husband would be over the next day to sign the lease. Bill's sister & brother-in-law helped us move in in less than two hours. They were a huge help.

Now we're all settled in. All I can say is at least we have a roof over our heads. I tell myself everyday that it's just a rental. This isn't our home. We'll find something else next summer, hopefully something we can buy. In the mean time, it could be worse. There are some good aspects about the house. Like the back yard & deck. We have a wood burning fireplace that Bill is really excited about. It will smell great in the winter. I hope to make friends with the family across the street so Logan can have someone to play with. Bill & I met the mom once & I hope I didn't look or sound like an idiot.

Bill's new schedule is awesome. He only works half days & has the weekends off now. He can work more, but only if he wants to. I'm able to get to the gym to do my own workouts. I started spin classes again & I'm soooooo happy about that. Logan does well in the nursery & when Bill is home they have father/son time together. The quality of life is better, that's for sure. This is our kind of town & we'll have so much more time to enjoy it.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yeah for libraries & the moving story.
Today we got our library cards so we could check out some books & finally get online. This is exciting. The library is great & I found some really fun books for Logan. Nothing for me though, like I actually have time to read, sheesh.

Anyway, the big move. Well, we started packing on Thursday & Friday. It took forever. We continued into Saturday....all day. We were planning on driving up that afternoon, but it took too long. We were running out of room in the U-Haul & decided to just stay at a hotel & unpack the next day. Then we got the phone call.

Bill's mom was in town from the baby shower from the previous weekend. She offered to clean the house for us so it was ready to move into. At 8:00 pm on Saturday night, she called. Hysterical. So much that I could hardly understand a word she said.

She was going on about how the bathroom had mold behind the walls & she couldn't get it clean. She was freaking out about the windows that were broken (& were going to be replaced before we moved in) & telling me that all she could imagine was Logan falling into the wood burning stove. She was terrified that there was a skull in the back yard (an animal skull. I told her that unless it was human & attached to a body, I didn't care). She pretty much begged us to not move in & find another place to live, after the fact that we already paid our deposit & signed the paperwork. We said that we would take a look at other places, but we had to be moved in by Sunday because Bill started work on Monday.

We drove up that night. I drove the U-Haul & one of my sisters sent a text messages hoping that the move went well. I called her. Boy did she get an ear full. She was the first person that I talked to after this whole situation happened. I felt bad because all she did was listen to me scream & cry about everything (thanks again Jen).

We ate dinner & got ready for bed. Logan hated the hotel. It was a strange place for him & the air conditioner wasn't working that well, so it was ungodly hot. We all didn't sleep very well that night.

The next morning we drove to Bill's sister house, with our entire house (well, most of it) sitting out front in the U-Haul. They found a place for us to check out & made an appointment for that morning. This was actually a place that we had an appointment for last week when we were hunting around. We cancelled because it was all carpet & I really wanted to find a place with hardwoods. That, & when I talked to the landlord about pets, she didn't seem too thrilled & said that she would need to speak to her husband. I didn't think it was a good match, so we cancelled. But now, there we were.

The place was clean & the people were nice. It just wasn't anything like what I was looking for. This house was seriously stuck in an 80's time warp. The color of the walls looks peach, or maybe flesh is a better word. The good thing is the back yard that Buddha & Kitty can run around in & there is a boy across the street that is just a week older than Logan. The family also happens to be friends with Bill's sister.

We said it would work out, mainly because we didn't have anywhere else to go. I'm still pretty bitter that this wasn't a house that I wanted, but what Bill's mom wanted. However, before we signed anything, we had to settle things with the other house.

We had been talking back & forth with this guy trying to get out of the lease. At first he was cool with it, then he wasn't, saying that he needed to talk to his attorney. At worst we could get sued for the entire lease being $12,000.

Time is up for me & gotta go....update to be continued.....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A quick update
Wow. Do I have a story to tell. I won't be able to update the full story until after the 16th, when the cable company will be able to get our internet up & going. But this is the jist of it:
  • Packing took 2 full days
  • We ran out of room in the U-Haul & will have to make another trip
  • Hysterical Mother-in-law
  • Night of hell in the hotel
  • Not moving into the house we had signed a lease & paid a deposit for
  • Possibly getting sued for $12,000 worst case senario
  • I wake up feeling like I'm back in the early '80's every morning

I think that about covers it. I'll try to get to an internet cafe sometime soon, or take some time at Bill's sisters' house (like I am right now) to get the full story out. Hopefully Comcast will come earlier, but it's not likely due to school starting soon. Ohhh the joys of living in a college town. Anyway, we made it. We're all ok & it was quite an adventure!

Friday, August 04, 2006

This is what happens when Dad takes over.
It's been great having Bill at home more this week. I've been able to take a break, get something done & there's back up for calming a fussy baby.

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to shovel my lunch down fast so I could get to feeding Logan his lunch. Bill offered to feed him. Awesome. Now I could slow down & actually taste my food. After I finished, I walked into the kitchen to see how Logans' lunch was going. This is what I saw.
I call it "sweet potato goatee". Gotta love food facial hair.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Let the packing begin.
After looking at houses all over town for 10 hours straight...we finally found a place to live. It was actually the second house that we looked at, but it was good to see what else was out there.

This house is pretty cool. All hardwoods, 2 wood burning stoves, vintage 1920's & close to parks, shops & family. The front porch is covered & I guess it's actually a sun room. It has a huge garage with a finished office space. The yard is going to need some work, but the guy that owns the house is way cool & we've already talked about landscaping. We meet up with him tomorrow to sign the papers & make it official.

It's nice that we don't have that much to pack. We've been pretty minimalist since moving into our house last year. Really, it's just the kitchen & books that need to be boxed up, everything else is already in something portable. We'll get every thing together today & tomorrow & we're off on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yesterday was Bills' last day at work.
We booked viewings from 9:00 am-7:00 pm to find a house tomorrow. We're booked solid, every hour. This doesn't seem real. I guess it will feel real when I'm packing boxes & loading them into the U-Haul.

Bills' last day was kind of funny. He had been looking forward to it for a long time. He had a count down every morning that he left. "Three more days", "Two more days" & so on. With this new gym, he won't work nearly as much & get paid almost double. He only has to work for a total of 24 hours a week at a minimum, where before it was close to 60 hours a week. It's going to be refreshing. The Regional Manager came by the gym two times to make sure Bill would stay in contact because they still want him to run the gym that they'll build next year. Yeah, right. If this new gym really works out, going back would be insane.

With Bill being home, he got to see Logan eat sweet potatoes for the first time this afternoon. It was cute. He really liked them. I made them myself & thought they tasted pretty darn good too. So much that I said to Bill, "Hey, if Logan won't eat this, I will. I don't care if it's pureed. This is good stuff!"