Thursday, March 29, 2007

14 months old
Logan is growing into a cute, smart & funny little guy. So much has been going on with him this month.

He continues to be a great sleeper & has let us sleep in until 9:00am a few times. It's great, even though I'm no longer sleep deprived (I never thought I would say that). His napping schedule has been off quite a bit. Some days are one nap days, others are two. There's no rhyme or reason for it either. I'm still appreciating those tow nap days though!

He is still a little picky with food, but it's not bad. He tried bell peppers this month & they ended up all over the floor (I hate them too). But, all I have to do is cover them with cheese & he forgets that they're there. The big thing with food is that I don't get it to him fast enough. Everyday (usually at dinner), I have him in his high chair while I make his food. He's gets impatient & screams his "hurry up" scream. When he wants food, he wants it NOW.

One of the funny parts about meal time is Logan learning how to use his spoon. Sometimes he'll drop it in his bowl or on the tray & hold his hands up like a magician, as if he can use his mind to move it. Or maybe he believes the spoon itself is magical & will do the work for him. Either way, it's funny.

Our morning routine still starts off with morning cartoons. After we've watched them for a bit & we're ready for breakfast, I'll turn off the TV. He walks right back up to the TV & turns it back on, smiling at me of course.

He still doesn't have any real words yet & continues the "point & grunt" & "baby words". When we hold him, he likes to point at the entire room with a grand wave as if he's asking what all of it is. As his Mom, it's pretty easy for me to figure out what he's trying to talk about. It's way cute when I get it right & his face just lights up with excitement. I've tried helping him with talking, putting him through a little routine. I'll ask him to say "mama", "dada", "Buddha", Kitty Cat", "duck", "book" & whatever else pops into my mind (supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was asked one or twice). He clearly understands & responds with a "response grunt" (each of his grunts have a different tone or inflection & it makes it kind of easy to communicate) or a close mimic to it. He is starting to sign though. He mostly signs "popcorn" when I ask him if he wants to sing a song. I'll sing the popcorn song & he'll smile away making the popcorn gestures.

He still runs everywhere & all over. He tries to open the front door to go outside (he's still too small to open it though). He does really well with holding our hands & walking around in stores & stepping up & down the steps on the front porch. It's so cute to watch & I love seeing him so grown-up.

He still plays with the animals & learned how to play with Kitty & her feather this week. That's my goal for next week. Get this on film, because it's so, so, so funny. He is also loving to pet her & he started giving her kisses too.

I'm really impressed with his socialization skills. Even though he can be shy, he feels free enough to go wandering off without me at playgroups. He plays with the other kids & demonstrated this week that he's learning how to share. Yesterday he was sharing a ball with another boy. It was very sweet. He is however, still having a hard time sharing me. His friend, Little L has been infatuated with me since we babysat her last month. At every playgroup she comes over to sit in my lap. Logan get perturbed & tries to push her off. I make room for both of them & sometimes he'll still lean over to push her head.

Bill is the bad influence in the house for sure. He taught Logan how to pick his nose & how to push (nice, huh!) It started out as a fun game between the two of them where Logan "rolls" Bill across the room. They get a kick out of this, but it's crossed over into playgroup. I'm keeping my eye on this though.

Logan is quick to learn & we haven't needed to do any time-out yet. My "stern mommy" voice & re-direction is all he needs right now. He's a really well behaved little boy.

Logan is growing up so fast & I just love him to pieces!


Lizzy said...

oh my goodness he's just growing into such a little man!
how do you keep him from wanting food IMMEDIATELY upon waking up? henry wakes up FAMISHED and screams and cries in hysterics until he has both food and bottle directly in front of him... gah.

Kristin said...

You know, all he needs is a sippy cup of milk (sometimes water, but most times it's milk) & his binki & he's good to chill for about an hour or so. Typically he wakes up at 8 & we'll have breakfast at 9.

Other than his stuff, maybe it's the infatuation with his morning cartoons that keeps him occupied.