Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Fever!
The sun is out & the snow that was left from this winter's blizzards has melted. We can go outside without having to worry about our noses freezing off our faces! I don't even have the words to express how unbelievably excited I am about this. I hate winter. It's not fun. But now it's almost over. THANK GOD.

Bill is going to come home for lunch & we're going to take Logan out for his first wagon ride. We're going to attempt to train Buddha to be a wagon pulling dog too (yeah, right). Hopefully this marks the beginning of our daily walks outside again. I want to start roaming the neighborhoods looking at houses for rent & if miracles of all miracles happen & our old house actually sells, look for another house to buy. Either way, we're leaving this house when the lease is up.

Bill has had an itch to get the backyard cleaned up so Logan can run around out there & he wants to get our hammock hung up. Man, it will be so nice to be outside all day again. Backyard barbeque's & beers, playing in the grass, going to the park, running through the sprinklers, long walks & the most exciting part about spring...hiking season!

I think I could ramble on forever about how happy I am.


Ashley said...

I love it too. So nice, especially after being cooped up all winter. Especially you guys, you got pretty hard this winter with the snow, right? I can't wait to put P in little shorts-70 degrees tomorrow!!!

Erin said...

We feel the same way, so excited for Spring!! H hasn't been wanting to be inside at all these past 2 days, if we take her in we get a total meltdown.