Sunday, March 18, 2007

My cool, hip musical taste died during pregnancy
Last night I found that I had been tagged by Jezer. While she added a disclaimer saying that if I think it's lame, no hard feelings. Well, there's no shame in my game. And actually, this is a topic that I've thought about addressing for quite some time.

Here's what it's all about:
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

OK. Since my adventure into motherhood, my musical taste is completely off kilter*. Pre-pregnancy, Bill & I used to be avid concert goers. We used to have parties (that had a specific name that shall go unmentioned) where DJ Bill would have an array of music ranging from rap to rock to techno to a good old hippy jam band. We had great times enjoying various different genres of music.

Then it all changed during pregnancy.

Being "with child", I didn't want to rock anymore. While I was working out, my ipod was full of more mellow toned lyrics & bands that sang great melodies. Before, it was 311 & Metalica that fueled my cardio fire. This has carried over into parenthood as well.

Now, rather than listening to my favorites of the past (which now make me feel incredibly OLD), I listen to the same melodic music & kids CD's. At this point, I think I listen to more kids music than anything.

I don't know why this changed happened. Why I automatically gave up rock & hard core riffs without thinking twice. It's weird. But, life is different now so I guess my musical tastes follow.

So I'm going to do 2 lists. One for me, as in the adult music I seldom listen to & one for Logan, or the kids songs I really enjoy as well.

  1. Beck- The Information. Beck is one of my favorite artists of all time. Bill & I saw him at the Tropicana when we were living in Vegas. That show is still the best show I've been to in all of my life. His latest album, "The Information" is awesome. I love this album so much that it's difficult to pick a favorite song.
  2. Ben Folds- Songs For Silverman- "Gracie". Ben Folds was another great concert that we attended. Gracie is a song that has a little more meaning & sentimental value now that I'm a parent. When Logan was a newborn, we would listen to this & the "Live at Perth" album together. Constantly.
  3. Cake- Pressure Chief- "The Guitar Man". It's a cover that was originally done by Bread back in the early 70's. Either version is great. But, Cake is another band that I totally love & have seen many times. Their best show was at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland.
  4. Easy Star All Stars-Radiohead- "Paranoid Android". I loved this song the first time I listened to it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I especially love the the horns. If this song (& band) selection doesn't show you how much of a hippy I used to be (still am sort of?), then I don't know what will. They also did an amazing Pink Floyd cover album too.
  5. Rocco DeLuca and The Burden-I Trust You To Kill Me- "Gift". I first saw this band on VH1's Rock Doc featuring them & their band manager, Keifer Sutherland. Yes, Keifer Sutherland, the actor. It was a really interesting episode & I thought this band was amazing.
  6. Weezer-Make Believe. This is another album where I can't really pick out one song that I'm infatuated with. Nevertheless, it's another all time favorite band from way back in the day who unfortunately broke up & we won't be hearing from them again.
  7. Trey Anastasio-Shine-"Shine". Many loyal Phish fans will debate the quality of Trey's solo album until they're blue in the face. Many claim that by creating this album, he's gone pop commercial. I don't care. I still like it. A lot, in fact. And this is another album that made Logan happy when he was a newborn.
So there it is folks. My play list that I listen to when I (rarely) listen to adult music. So now for Logan's (or my) top choices in the kids category. These we listen to every day, all day. This list is the more accurate of the two.

  1. Ralph Covert-At the Bottom of the Sea-"At the Bottom of the Sea". Thanks to the Disney Channel, Logan dances to this every time it comes on while we watch morning cartoons.
  2. Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell-Catch The Moon. We both love this entire album. There are some great songs that he loves to dance to & I love to sing to him.
  3. For The Kids Too (various artists). This is a great album. This collaboration of various artists is playing everyday in our home. Logan dances to it in the play room, in his high chair, anywhere he can hear it. Bill came home & I had it playing so loud I didn't hear him come in. "Are you rockin' out to kids music?" Yes. Yes I am.
  4. They Might Be Giants-Here Come the ABC's- Yet another album that is fun & very difficult to pick just one song that we listen to. However, this album has The Higglytown Hero's theme song, which Logan gets so excited about.
  5. Elizabeth Mitchell-You Are My Little Bird. Again, too many great songs to choose from. She does a cute Bob Marley cover of "Three Little Birds". "What Goes On" is a favorite of mine too.
  6. See You On The Moon: Songs For Kids of All Ages (various artists)- Great Lake Swimmers- See You On The Moon. This is a fun catchy little song. It's one that I don't mind listening to on repeat.
  7. Curious George-Sing A Long's & Lullabies for The Film (Jack Johnson)- "Lullaby" & "With My Own Two Hands" are so incredibly cute & heart warming songs. They make me cry (Hell, I cry at everything).

So, that's it! Like it wasn't enough. It gives you a little glimpse into our musical life here at the home. And why Logan dances all day long too.

For the 7 tags: Kayce, Ashley, Beth, Erin, Erica, Jake, Debra

Same disclaimer applies!

*After writing this, it's become evident that my musical taste really hasn't changed as much as I thought it did.

***And, go check out Virtual Fitness for an update on Wendy's success in her 10 miler on Saturday!***


Lizzy said...

I thought I commented on this last night...apparently I didn't.
I'll reserve my smirk and self-righteousness re: Trey. But it sure do bring back some memories. I went high school with Mike, he's a few years older. And of course, we lived in Burlington forever... The Trey solo work isn't my favorite, but I know a lot of fans who still really enjoy him. I get a kick out of seeing him all pimped out on the Upper West Side from time to time.
But HELLO on the Jack Johnson. That soundtrack is extra awesome. Never saw the movie, which is surprising given my obsession with Curious George. But that record is fantastic and Henry and I dance to it almost every day.

Kristin said...

I knew you would comment about Trey...I knew it! :)

Bill was really into Mike's solo stuff. There were some great tunes, but I still liked Trey's better. I'm one of *those* Phish Phans.

MrFunkMD said...

I think if you took the "Trey" factor out of it....The "OMG it's a TREY album" thing, or better yet if it was the same music but by some new unknown band, it would be perceived in a entirely different way.

I don't care what anyone ever says about you Kristin, your taste in music will always be the tits.

MrFunkMD said...

Mikes are better though.

But treys/TAB self titled is king of all.