Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I wish I could have one everyday
If I ever came across a magic genie lamp & had three wishes, one of them would be getting a massage everyday. It would be amazing to wake up, take a long hot shower with all sorts of good smelling stuff & slide onto the table for an hour & a half massage. Everyday. Then after, relaxing with a cup of coffee & a great breakfast. Everyday. Boy, do I wish!

That's pretty much how my morning went. Just slightly different. I set my alarm for 7, but hit the snooze for half an hour (because since when do I ever set my alarm anymore?) I got showered, got Logan up, vacuumed the living room & computer room. I put Logan's clothes in the dryer & got his breakfast ready. While he ate, I cleaned up the kitchen, wiping of counter tops & sweeping the floor. The next thing I know, the massage therapist is at the door. The ring of the door bell wakes Bill up.

As the therapist is setting up her table, I get Logan upstairs to change his diaper & get him dressed for the day. By the time I have his clothed picked out, Bill decided to join the land of the living & takes over. The table was set, the boy was dressed, I was under the sheets & they were off to have father-son bonding time at the park.

The massage was glorious. It was also incredibly eye opening. My body is flat out jacked up. She was in awe of how tight my muscles were, constantly making remarks about how I'll probably be really sore tomorrow & the pressure that she's having to use was causing her shoulder to cramp up. No wonder why Bill only lasts for a minute when I ask him to massage my back.

I don't remember the last massage I had. I think it was a prenatal in my first months of pregnancy. So, the physical stress of pregnancy, labor & delivery, breast feeding & carrying a little kiddo around, accompanied by the mental stress of moving out of our brand new house, dealing with Bill's family, Bill's change in gyms, financial stress & just overall parenting & general life stress...over the course of two years...there's a lot of pent up tension in my neck, shoulders & back.

She spent the entire time on my neck, shoulders & upper back. The entire 90 minutes. After the massage was finished, it left me thinking, "This is how I'm supposed to feel all the time??? Wow. I really need to do something about this". I clearly didn't know how bad my body was until it started to feel better.

Bill has worked out a deal with her to come over once a month for six months (SIX MONTHS!) The miracle is that nothing comes out of our pocket. It's a deal that he was able to swing with the gym. So while I won't be getting a massage everyday, once a month is damn close enough for me!

In the meantime, I'm busting out my foam roll, yoga DVD & other stretching equipment. That way the next time she comes over, hopefully I won't be such a mess.

And, I have to say it again, Bill has certainly won the "Best Husband of The Year" award for this years birthday present (it was asked when, it's tomorrow).


Jake Silver said...

A massage does sound good. Thanks for stopping by and offering suggestions. Since you work as a personal trainer, I was actually curious as to what you thought. Like I said in my blog, I've gotten the same advice from my doctor, the physical therapist and the exerice physiologist, which was stretching and more back exercises. I'm hoping that it will help but I still want to see a Chiroprator. and get a massage!

The Bents said...

Well Happy Birthday to you then!! =) Man... your husband rocks. Seriously. And when you mentioned all of the reasons why your body is so sore and tense (labor and delivery, stress..etc.), well that just made so much sense!! The hospital I'll be giving birth at gives moms a free 15 minute massage any one area they choose. How am I supposed to choose that??LOL Especially since labor and delivery is a full body workout.
Anywho, have a great birthday!

Bringing Up Ben said...

What a great birthday gift! Happy Birthday!

Lizzy said...

OMG. I'm dying of envy.

I had a massage about 4 months postpartum, and it HURT. I needed it so much. I'm so so ready for another one.

So listen, when your masseuse is done with you, just send that miracle worker on over here. Please & thank you.

Sounds like a wonderful morning for you--and very well deserved. Enjoy it every month! Good husband!

Wendy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! How lucky you are to have a husband who can get you a massage every month! NICE!!!