Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Short but sweet
Our visit with Aunt J & her boyfriend, C, was short but a lot of fun. They flew out here for a friends wedding & after that, drove up to our small town to stay with us for a day & spent the night.

They came up yesterday morning & played with Logan for a little bit while I rushed to get ready for a MOMS club meeting. I swear, I'm always running late for everything. But it worked out because they entertained & played with Logan while I ran around like a mad woman. After the meeting, we came home & I put Logan down for a nap. He slept for a long time & we goofed off taking dorky pictures of each other while we waited for him to wake up.

When he finally woke up, we went downtown to check out the local shops & grab a quick lunch. They really enjoyed the local scene & Logan had a great time honking his stroller horn at people in the shops. I wished the weather was more agreeable so we could've spent more timeout side, but that tricky Colorado weather...sun one minute, rain the next.

Later that night, we went to go pick up Bill from work & they treated us to a great birthday dinner at a hibachi restaurant. Holy hell, was that fun. We were at a grill with another party of four. Logan was the center of attention, of course. He was on his best behavior & only got pissed at me once because I wouldn't let him hold the soup bowl that I was sharing with him. I gave him his goldfish crackers & he forgot all about it.

The chef began his show on the grill, starting off with a huge flame that felt like it singed our eyebrows. I thought that would scare the crap out of Logan, but he just squinted & took it all in. We watched the chef catch eggs on his spatula, spin his cooking utensils like a sharp shooter & other teppanyaki tricks. The best part was when he chopped up shrimp, tossing it at people around the table to catch in their mouths. Both C & Bill got beamed square in the head with flying shrimp & C almost fell backwards in his chair. It was hysterical.

After the show, we all enjoyed our food. Logan had mixed vegetables & teriyaki salmon. He was so cute eating his "big kid" dinner with the rest of us. The other party had fun watching him eat too. I was very impressed that he ate almost all of his dinner without tossing most of it on the floor. While we ate, we noticed that this was "The Place" to go for a birthday dinner. It seemed like there was a birthday dessert followed by a chorus of "Happy Birthday" going on at different tables every five minutes. Of course we had to get in on this to get our free slices of chocolate cake! Bill & I shared our desserts & Logan even got a few bites. He definitely takes after me because this boy loves chocolate. After dinner, we practically rolled out of there from being so full. We came home, got Logan to bed & sat at the table chatting with a couple of cocktails. We had a really good time just hanging out.

This morning we made a big breakfast with Bill grilling sausages on his new grill. It was so yummy. I think we discovered a new allergy for Logan too. Garlic. Aunt J made some scrambled eggs with garlic & Logan broke out in a few hives. Our poor allergic-to-everything-child. Thankfully I had some Benadryl on hand for him (which I now keep in the diaper bag for occasions such as this). We tried to get some family photos, but Mr. Squirmy wouldn't hold still to save his life. He was getting a little grumpy too because the Benadryl was making him super sleepy. So, we got maybe two or three pictures.

We had a lot of fun during their visit. It was too bad it was so short. Hopefully our plans to visit them in Portland this summer work out (Thanks for a great time you two!)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice time with your family! Hibachi is a fun place to go eat! I'm glad to hear Logan liked it because I wondered if it was a place Ava ould like.