Monday, March 19, 2007

Let the celebration begin
This week marks the beginning of birthday celebrations at our house. My birthday is this week, Bill's is next week & we usually celebrate the two with a big weekend bash in the middle. But, what really happens is the celebration is drawn out for the two weeks anyway.

This year is kind of funny. If Bill hadn't mentioned it, I would've forgot that my birthday was coming up. Even more funny because I've been thinking about what present to get him for a while. I guess I'm not as excited about it anymore.

This weekend Bill spilled the beans on what he got for me. He worked out a deal with a massage therapist to give me an hour & a half massage at home. This may even be a monthly occurrance, truly being the gift that keeps on giving. I am so freakin' excited about this. My first massage is tomorrow morning. Bill is taking Logan out (to do what, I don't know) while I FINALLY get my shoulders out of my ears from the neck tension (really, it's my whole back). Bill has officially won the "Best Husband of The Year" award this year.

Because he couldn't keep a secret, I had to tell him what I was going to get for him. I've been saving all of the money I've made from working at home & we called our cable company to lower our bill. Actually, we told them we were switching service to another company & they dropped our monthly bill by $70. Almost half. So, because we've been saving wisely & we skipped out on birthday & Christmas presents this last year, I wanted to get him something he really, really, really wanted. An outdoor grill.

The dude wanted to drop everything right then & there to go get it. After telling him that he needs to be patient because we have a toddler who needs to eat & get ready, we hurried as fast as we could to go shopping.

We did some comparison shopping at two or three different stores & found a grill that would work well & fit in our budget. Bill had been advised by friends to have the service department put the grill together for us, but no. He couldn't wait 24 hours. He wanted to make burgers that night, damn it!

He spent 4 hours in the garage putting that thing together while Logan & I hung out & took a walk to the park. However, we did come home to Bill in a great mood, ready to fire up the grill & make yummy hamburgers. He's claiming this to be the best birthday present ever. Right up there with the best Christmas present ever (a long board that I got him 4 years ago).

The birthday celebrations have got off to a great start!


erica said...

Oh that's awesome!! We want a BBQ too, desperately... and D was supposed to get one for xmas (and didn't) so then it was meant to be for his bday but he never got it then either. I'll be living vicariously through your outdoor cooking until we get one. LOL.

Did you try Logan on a burger? And if so, what did he think of it?

Erin said...

Awesome gifts! Wow sounds like a great birthday so far!! Happy early birthday!(Not sure what day it is) I'm so jealous, I would LOVE a massage and a grill!!

Anonymous said...

I love food cooked on a grill. There's something about it that makes it all taste SO much better!

Kristin said...

Burgers do taste so much better from the grill! I don't know what it is either, but, yum!

Logan had his own little cheese burger, sized just for him. I still had to break it up, but he loved it.

Lizzy said...

Sorry, I'm just playing catch-up.

Happy happy birthday to you and Bill. Your gifts sound divine--whats not love about eating grilled meats whilst having a relaxing massage? The only thing missing is a cold beer, but I'm sure that's not far off!

Happy happy!