Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yesterday was an insanely busy day. We did our usual errands, grocery shopping & whatnot. It took up most of the morning. Then to top it off, Logan decided that he didn't want to take a late morning nap. OK, that's usually cool with me, but we were hosting playgroup. He needed to nap so he would have enough energy to play with his friends AND I needed him to nap so I could clean up the house without interruption.

I made him lunch & he threw most of it on the floor. Rice. Ground turkey. Peas. Carrots. All over the floor.

Fortunately he did take a nap & I frantically swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed food off of various places where Logan's hands flung meals & finally mopped. With 15 minutes to spare.

Logan was still sleeping while all of his friends started arriving. After a few loud toddlers were playing with musical instruments, Logan woke up. He was happy & ready to play. At first he was a little shocked to wake up to a house full of people & other kids playing with his toys. But, he didn't freak out at all. I was very proud of him. He shared all of his toys & even shared his treasured goldfish crackers. He was happy to share my lap with Little L & we read a bunch of stories. It was incredibly cute.

It was a fun playgroup & I was happy that only a few of the moms showed up. Four moms (with one kid each) came, when it's usually three or four more than that. Our house isn't that big & even with a small group it was still a little crowded.

After they left, Logan went down for another nap & I vacuumed the ground up goldfish crackers from the carpet & tried to work on some fitness plans while I had the chance.

At the end of the day when Logan was in bed for the night & Bill was home from work, we were watching TV & I promptly passed out on the couch.

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