Friday, July 24, 2009

Carter is 10 months old

On the move and getting into trouble. That's the stage Carter is in now at 10 months old.

Since he's so mobile, he refuses to lay down and go to sleep. He pops right up as if he were going to try and climb out of the crib. It's gotten to the point where I just have to let him try his best, cry and wear himself out after many failed attempts at getting him to settle down. Although, when is he asleep, he stays asleep for a good while.

He likes to hold his own bottles and actually refuses to eat if I'm holding him. It kind of makes it easy to give him a bottle while he's rolling around on the floor dealing with his own distractions and I can do my own thing. When he feeds himself a meal, food is flung all over the floor. I don't even bother with putting Cheerios in a bowl or blueberries on a plate. Everything goes right onto his high chair tray...and then all over the floor.

If he's not flinging food around, he's crawling at the speed of light, pulling up onto the stairs and cruising the furniture. He will grab a car and with it in his hand, crawl around "driving" it to whatever destination he had in mind.

He is starting to pay more attention to the TV when it's on and Logan is watching cartoons. They are both mesmerized by Sesame Street (which isn't bad I suppose, it could be worse). In addition to the TV, Logan is teaching Carter how to clap, walk, play with cars, read books and they play all sorts of wrestling bother-type games all morning. There are no words for how cute this is. The game they both want all of us to play is the "crawl -chase" game, where we are all crawling and playing tag upstairs. Carter laughs hysterically and it's infections. We all start belly laughing and squeal in delight together.

Carter babbles and is learning how to use his voice. He used to say Mama and Dada more often, but is over it now. It's the same with waving bye-bye and clapping is on the outs soon too. I think he gets bored with new skills and waits for the next to develop. He does his funny face where scrunches up his nose and snorts - totally hilarious. I finally got it on film, if only for a split second...

I love this age, and it's only a matter of weeks before it's gone and the toddler phase is in full force. I can see it already...


Anonymous said...

He is precious :)

I love the last photo of him, up against the glass, ready to get after the cat. The cat looks as if it is glad that glass is there for the moment ;)

Jen said...

You can totally tell he and Logan are brothers!! That little smile is to die for! :)

Anonymous said...

my 9 month old always does that scrunched up funny face and snort. i was actually worried something was wrong with him until i saw your video! hahaha.