Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July holiday weekend

With the weather we've been having these last few months, sometimes I wonder if we're back in Portland again. We've had more rain than I can ever remember in the years we've been living in Colorado. It's getting a bit irritating because every single outdoor activity we plan is ruined by rain; planting flowers on Mother's Day, playing disc golf at a certain course on Father's Day, and the 4th of July was no exception.

Bill had Friday off, so we planned on going out for a country breakfast and playing some disc golf at a course in the woods. We woke up to rain and mud. Frustrated that our plans were dashed yet again, we decided to go anyway. We drove to this restaurant we talked about reviewing, watching the sky look more and more scary. Just as we were pulling up, thunder and lighting started. As we were eating, it rained and poured.

By the time we were finished, the sky was blue again and everything was wet. We went to the course anyway where we fought off mosquitoes and Logan stomped through puddles and fell in the mud. He had so much fun. Bill also had a great time, shooting a hole-in-one for the first time this season. It was an impressive shot! Carter, while tired because we messed with his nap schedule, was happy in the Kelty pack and enjoyed the ride.

On Saturday I took Logan to go see the new Ice Age movie, just the two of us (after Bill said that we needed to bond after I wanted to strangle him all weekend). It was fun and he was listening pretty well. It was cute to watching him inhale the movie popcorn.

When we got home, we thought it would be the perfect time to help Logan learn to ride his bike - that he so adamantly doesn't want to ride. He gets frustrated because he peddles backward and starts breaking. So we worked with him, encouraging him and letting him ride in the street of our cul-du-sac. He did great! He went back and forth, only breaking occasionally, until he fell off his bike and landed on his head. He got some respectable road rash on his forehead. Bill and I did not have him wear a helmet because we honestly didn't think he was going to ride that far. Our mistake! But, he was fine. He shook it off and ate a Popsicle, all smiles again. Next time he's not riding without protection.

We had plans to hang out in the driveway coloring on the sidewalk, light some fire works and eat hot dogs later that night. Again, we were rained out. Carter was in bed by 5:00, Logan and I had only 20 minutes or so to color and we discovered that our town doesn't allow for fireworks anyway - only pops and lame streamers. It was dumping buckets again, so we didn't think it was a good idea to go to the park to watch the City's firework display, however, Bill did end up taking Logan to his office patio where they could watch the show in a dry place while I stayed home with the sleeping baby. Logan evidently had a blast.

I would not say that this was the best holiday weekend ever, but it could have been worse. It's all because our plans never go as, well, planned. It just sucks that we're getting rained out all of the time!


Joanna said...

It looks and sounds like that despite the rain y'all had a great time!

Kelly said...

Oh, too bad about the constant rain. But look at all the smiles :) There is a lot of sunshine in y'alls faces.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

We stayed home because of the rain too. With the show being so late and the ground being so wet we just decided to skip the show this year. Oh well, maybe next year will be better.