Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation alone?

One perk to having a job with a company is that you get vacation days. Moms don't get those. Or do they? Over the last week my brain went haywire (for MANY reasons) and steam came blowing out of my ears. Part of the problem was that I was (am) frustrated to the max (with MANY things) and asked for help. Logan is one of the parts of life I need help with. He just doesn't listen. TO ANYTHING I SAY. I know this is not uncommon and every mom with kids deals with this on a daily basis, but sometimes, this whole being ignored routine (by everyone) is like Chinese Water Torture. I get worn down and then snap.

This tends to happen to people who are over-worked and need a break. That's when most people take vacations days and hang out at the beach for a while. It came up in conversation that I should go on vacation. Alone.

Bill has plenty of vacation time and can take a week to stay at home with the boys while I go on vacation by myself. Going to Portland to see my sisters was mentioned, and I would love to, but would also feel kind of weird going without the kids. Does this sound weird to anyone else but me? Given the chance, would everyone grab their suitcase and start booking flights before their husband could even finish the sentence "...vacation alone..."?

I talked to a few friends and with mouths dropped to the floor "He said what? GO! DO IT!" and of course a group vacation was mentioned. This I would do. If everyone could really do it.

So, yeah. I need a vacation. Desperately. Who knows if it will actually happen.


erica said...

Before Nyki, I had a couple of days without Kira (she stayed at Neenie's) and even with the guy because he went to work. I was bored shitless because I was so used to having a kid to pick up after and take care of, but I really ENJOYED being bored. lol. I enjoyed the silence. I love my kids to death but I would *LOVE* a week without them, all to myself, to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

And the whole not listening thing? Mate we are completely on the same page. I have gone from yelling/screaming once or twice to multiple times EVERY day and it's wearing reeeeeeeally thin.

Dawn B said...

I totally get your hesitation. I mean, it's a whole week from the kids. Then again... it's a WHOLE WEEK to yourself and being able to spend time with more of your family is priceless. Do it! And you'll come back feeling yourself again. It may just be exactly what you need. ;)

PS- Can I come??? LMAO I love Portland.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I SO hear you. I could use a vacation too. Somehow Luke gets to do whole days at a time camping with his friends but I only get a few hours away on my own. I say go for it. If we had the money I wouldn't mind going on a vacation for 3-4 days without Monkey and Luke.

Alicia said...

If Bill wants you to vacation alone, could it be that the in-laws are going to come visit? Be careful. I don't think it's strange at all that you feel you should have the boys with you if you go see your sisters. Why can't you vacation somewhere as a family and just have Bill provide you with some down time via a massage or pedicure or just alone time at the pool, mall, etc.

Jana said...

Kristin, I am out of town (just a couple of hours away from home) right now with two of my best girlfriends, sans kids. It's only for 3 days, but after the first day, I feel amazingly relaxed and rejuvenated. And the Mr. and Al need some just-boys time.

Do it. It will be a good thing for all of you.

debra said...

Oh, I hope you can take some time for yourself. Being a mom sounds exhausting and I'm only looking in from the outside. Your kids and you probably would benefit from the break.

workout mommy said...

nope, not weird at all.

I'm doing it myself next month and I am counting down the days! I cannot wait to be bored and enjoy the silence!

I say go for it! :)

Ashley said...

Go go go go go. You deserve and it will help your mindset. P is gone for 2 weeks, and while I miss her, it's so nice to have a break. I'm almost dreading her coming home! Only because I will lose my freedom to go do anything whenever I want. said...

I think a few days away is well deserved, and even better if you can arrange a few days with some girlfriends. Everyone needs a break to rejuvniate their inner spirit. Don't feel guilty. Be happy your husband supports it and enjoy!