Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Working my stay at home skills
This afternoon was a playgroup & baby shower combo. The shower was for one of the Moms in the group. I've only met her twice, so I decided to make cookies instead of bringing a gift.

A few weeks ago we saw a recipe for a cookie on one of the national morning news shows. It sounded so good, we just had to make them. Bill & I looked high & low for this recipe. It turned out to be slightly different from what we understood. We thought it was a pumpkin chocolate hazelnut cookie. It turned out to be just chocolate hazelnut & we couldn't find a chocolate pumpkin hazelnut recipe at all. I ended up making one up.

These cookies are awesome. The other Moms really liked them too. I told Bill that I want to send the recipe to a cookie competition & see what happens. He happily agreed to be the cookie quality tester.


Anonymous said...

...and you'll be sharing the recipe with the Internets? :-)

Emmakirst said...

Oh I'd love to hear the recipe. Do tell.. :)

angie said...

Yummy.. those cookies sound delish! I've been cooking like a fool since I became a SAHM too!

Kristin said...

I'm still perfecting the recipe, but when I have it down, I'm totally going to post it.