Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Traditional "Disc Golf With Dad" Father's Day Family Outing

It's what he likes to do. It's what we do with him every year and probably will until his arms fall off. Disc Golf. It's fun to get out and spend some time together, but it's more fun to watch Bill teach Logan The Ways (brain wash him).

This year Logan was quite stubborn since he's in this "I can't do it all by myself!" phase, claiming that he can't do anything by himself, gets extremely frustrated before even trying and throwing all sorts of fits when asked to do anything on the face of the Earth. That's really a daily thing, but it was especially this way playing disc golf. It was still fun (and hot) nonetheless. And Carter really enjoyed watching Bill play. In a few years, all of these guys are going to be throwing rounds together and it's going to be cute (to me. To them it will be "cool").

It was really funny when Logan was helping me write on Bills' card. I asked him want he wanted to write and we wrote it together:

"Daddy likes robots"
"Daddy likes monsters"
"Daddy likes ghosts"

Yeah. I don't know what that's all about, but it's hilarious.

We hope you had a Happy Fathers Day. Thanks for being a great Dad to our boys, Billy. Yeah, you could be more of a disciplinarian but I guess somebody has to be the Good Cop, right? We're lucky it's you.

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Anonymous said...

laughing at daddy being the good cop :)