Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because it takes a genius to organize a bunch of moms

I've been on the executive board for our MOMS Club chapter for two years now. The first year I was the membership VP, welcoming new members into our chapter. The next year (this last year), I was the co-president. All in all, it's easy enough. Many members are good friends, some are best friends. There's usually not too much drama to deal with. We pretty much took care of the craziness when our term started last year (remember the playgroup nazi? Boy! That was fun). That is, until earlier this year, it started back up.

The end of the term for leadership positions is the end of June and the new board and coordinators take over July 1st. Being organized and prepared, our board got on it looking for volunteers for positions and making the judgment call that the incoming president(s) should have some kind of executive board experience, since there's a lot of garbage with by-laws. We also thought it was fair that one of the board members who had taken someones place only a few months before go ahead and move onto the next term. Someone in the membership got their panties in a bunch and emailed our regional coordinator to complain that "we weren't doing it like other chapters". Thus began months of dealing with by-law regulations with International.

You know, it doesn't take a genius to get a bunch of moms together for playgroups and park days. It's not rocket science. When election time turns the corner, we're not running for President of the United States or some kind of Super Mom recognition. International by-laws likes to make things more difficult and more complicated than they really have to be and sometimes, things work better when you do what's best for the group you're in. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Thankfully, after today it's all over with. The elections were this morning. I'm going on again as president, only without my partner in crime (she didn't want to continue dealing with the lameness of it all). Now we move forward knowing that someone is amongst us, forwarding emails and making anonymous complaints when things don't go their way. Fabulous.

As the saying goes among my friends and in our home, "It's just MOMS Club".


Kelly said...

I don't care for politics....school, federal, state or Mom :) You are brave to do so, though. It is people like you that keep the wheels turning on all the groups that the kids and moms both love.

Yay for being president again, too!

Jill said...

Congrats fellow prez. I am now Pres too! My term started this week as our president is moving across the country. Good luck to you! Now I get ready to deal with a new psycho member:)

Kristin said...

Kelly, I think it's funny that I'm the president considering how much I don't like following somebody elses' rules. I never have. I also hear that the politics get worse as the kids get older. Apparently the PTA is scary.

Jill, good luck with your "fun" member! We had to figure out a way to get the playgroup nazi out and there were a lot of emergency board meetings (that went on for way too long). Drop me a note if you ever need another prez to complain to :)

Kelly said...

That is why you are the president, though...less people above you to take orders from! ;)

As for PTA, I will probably be the weird 'dirty hippy' dreadlock mom that no one cares for, but thats okay by me :)