Friday, January 25, 2008

The funniest part about being sick
When I was sick in the first pregnancy with Logan, we were living in an apartment while we waited for our new house to finish being built. We had two bathrooms, one in the master bedroom & one off the second bedroom. The dogs stayed in the second bathroom while we were gone during the day (it was pretty much like their own room) & during pregnancy, it had a distinct dog smell. That meant that when I felt sick, I only used our master bathroom.

When our house was built, we had two & a half bathrooms. There was the master bath, the second bath & a half bath on the main floor. I mainly used two bathrooms while sick (the master & the half bath). I soon discovered how nice it was to have a designated "sick" bathroom & declared the half bath as my own. Nobody else could use it but me. It was great.

In the house we're in now, we have one & a half bathrooms. When I found out that my insurance company was being stingy with the medication, I freaked out & cleaned the bathroom by our bedrooms spotless. When preparing to get sick, I wanted a bathroom where I could sleep on the floor if I needed to (yeah, it gets that bad). The only problem was that my designated "sick" bathroom is the most used bathroom in the house. It's the family bathroom with the only tub/shower in the house. It's kind of hard to kick everyone else out of it.

So, I only required one rule from everyone when it came to my sick bathroom. No Pooping. If you had to poop, use the bathroom downstairs. We thought it was pretty funny & Bill was very supportive about it, even making himself a reminder:

Yes, we live in a house with a "No Pooping!" sign on our bathroom door. We've yet to have any company since it's been posted, but we're hosting playgroup next week & then there's Logan's birthday party next weekend. I think I'll have to take the sign down & give the rule a break for those two days. However, the sign has totally helped Bill follow this one bathroom rule & it will be reposted once we aren't hosting playgroup or having parties.

If things work out & we do move into our new house, we will have three & a half bathrooms. I will be able to take over two bathrooms & claim them to be my sick bathrooms if I want. Which I totally will. And we won't need the "No Pooping!" signs for them.


Jake Silver said...

Just stopping by. Need to catch up on ur posts.

Erin said...

The no pooping sign is hilarious!

Emily said...

I love the idea of a "pregnancy bathroom" and the no pooping sign. I totally understand the need of a spotless bathroom so you can sleep on the bathroom floor if needed. I'm doing to do this for my next pregnancy- thanks for the great idea.