Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I think Logan's favorite thing to do right now is to hug everyone. It's really cute. He's been giving us random hugs & kisses at home with increasing frequency, but now it's escalated to a new level & he's hugging everyone he knows.

It started yesterday morning when I went to go pick him up from the gym daycare. I had a great workout & he had been in there for about an hour & a half. I walk in to see him sitting in a little chair watching TV with some other kids. He jumped up excitedly & ran to give me a hug. "Maddy!", he screamed happily at the top of his lungs. He now calls me "Maddy" rather than "Mommy". I know he can say mommy since he's said it before, but I'm guessing "Maddy" is a mix of Mommy & Daddy. I get his coat & he runs off to give hugs good-bye to the girls working in the daycare. They thought it was too cute (which he was).

Then while at playgroup this morning, the moms were all sitting around chatting in the living room while the kids were running around & playing. Out of nowhere, Logan goes over to each mom with his arms outstretched, "hugs". It was adorable & they we all very happy to give him a big hug.

His new obsession with hugs & kisses is just melt your heart cute. I hope he keeps it up for a while, because I'll miss it when it's over.

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Erin said...

How sweet!! I wish Hailey was in the mood for hugging more often :)