Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Vote for Logan!
No, Logan is not running against Clinton or Obama in the electoral race, although I bet he would win the public vote because of his style, cute smile & his determination to implement healthcare reform. Photographer friend is having a photo competition on her website this month & the winner will be featured on the front page of her site (along with winning some prints).

I have to admit, he has some stiff competition. While being the biased mother that I am, claiming my son to be the most adorable boy on the face of the Earth, some of the other pictures are making me take it down a notch. My second vote goes to #2 (the red maternity, which I think is massage friend, but I'm not certain). Regardless, photographer friend takes some amazing pictures & they all look wonderful.

So, I'm putting this out to friends & family & everyone else in the world who reads the blog. Vote for Logan! He's #7 in his fauxhawk & Hawaiian shirt. You know - the cool, stylish one.


Erica said...

I voted for him.She did a great job on all of the pictures..Hope he wins.

Anonymous said...

I voted!

Kristin said...

Thanks! The last time I checked, he was tied for first place!!

Erin said...

Wow I'm so jealous, she takes AWESOME pictures!