Sunday, January 27, 2008

It reminds me of getting ready for college
This weekend our town had a pre-school fair that all of our MOMS Club friends went to. Some of our little friends are a tad older than Logan & ready to go to pre-school, but we decided to go so we could be familiar with the different schools & options available to us when we're ready. I'm so glad we went.

We walked through the door to a room filled with parents & kids doing activities at all of the schools lined up in booths. It was a little overwhelming & a bit of a sensory overload. We sifted through the booths to find non-faith based schools. This is the only thing I know I want in a pre-school right now. Since Logan isn't baptized, we don't read the Bible or pray & the only reason Logan knows "Jesus Christ" is from me stepping on his match box cars, I'd rather not have him indoctrinated when he doesn't really understand what religion is all about.

We found a few non-faith based schools & were given information packets on the curriculum & tuition fees. First, let me say that I had no clue how expensive pre-school could be. Holy crap. Some schools have tuition fees of close to $700 a month! Unless we win the lottery or Bill lands a miracle account or I decide that the stay-at-home mom thing isn't for me (fat chance), we will not be sending Logan to those schools. There are some other options we can look into, one of them being a co-op pre-school. I think this is a fantastic idea. It's a great way for the parents to be involved in their child's education process & get to know teachers, classmates & other parents on a very close level. I'm not sure how it would work for us since I would have to find a sitter for the baby on a regular basis, though.

So, we met representatives from potential schools, listened to them talk about "core curriculum" & were invited to attend tours or sit in on a class one day. I think after we narrow down our choices to a few, we'll go check them out to see if they would be a good fit for Logan. This totally reminds me of when we were in high school looking for potential colleges to attend. Seriously. And this is just for pre-school.

It's comforting to know we have a while to make our decision since Logan is just starting pre-school prep next month. This will give me a chance to see how he does in a class setting with teachers in a structured routine. I'll pick the brains of my friends who are sending their kids to pre-school this next year to get their opinions & see what it's been like for them, too.

I just can't believe we're doing this already.


Erin said...

It doesn't seem like it's time for this yet! They grow up too fast. We got lucky in the fact that our in-home daycare provider used to be a 2nd grade teacher and basically runs an in-home preschool. Their day is structured and they do daily lessons and themed units etc. Luckily we've been advised that with the knowledge Hailey already has and what she'll learn in the next couple years, she won't need to go to an actual "preschool". We totally hit the jackpot when we found our sitter! She charges us 125$ a week. The actual preschools in this area range from about 175 to 300 a week and up! It's crazy!

Emmakirsten said...

Wow, time for preschool already, time surely does go fast.

I love the post about the no-pooping, I agree if you have to be sick then that's a requirement of the bathroom! lol I hope that the sickness isn't bad this time around.

Congratulations too about your newest baby! When are you due?