Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's here
After feeling nauseas all day & all night for three to three & a half weeks straight, I'm now camping out in the bathroom. I haven't made meal plans for the week because the thought of food just makes me want to gag, so I'm not up for making dinner anymore. It's back to the basics for us for a while.

I felt terrible all yesterday afternoon & all last night. I slept when Logan took his nap (from 1:00-4:30), just so I could be unconscious & not have to deal with it. I woke up feeling gross & it got progressively worse throughout the night, eventually making me make a b-line for the bathroom at dinner. That's when I knew I was sick enough to take the zofran.

I've been holding on to that bottle of pills like Linus holding his blanket. I take them everywhere with me to be prepared & they give me a sense of security, knowing that if I get sick, everything will be alright because I have them. It's actually kind of stupid.

So, my nights are shot now. I'm pretty good in the morning, good enough to keep working out. I drink my breakfast (carnation instant breakfast) because I can't eat. I workout, come home, eat some toast & fruit & do whatever we're doing for that day. Come nap time, I begin to feel gross & it's a downward spiral from there. The hard part is staying hydrated because I can hardly drink anything right now. So, I'm already behind the ball on that one.

We were supposed to go out for Date Night tonight, but it looks like we might take Logan over to play with his friends while we come back home. I still have to get the house clean & make muffins for playgroup tomorrow & it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. I find myself taking frequent breaks so I don't run out of steam.

But, oddly enough, things are still easier this time around. I know what to expect & I know what's happening to me. I have a bunch of people that I can call if I need help with Logan (the calls & emails offering help have already started). I'm not scared & I don't see myself going into a depression like I did last time. As paranoid as I was about getting sick, I'm optimistic that everything will be OK. Yeah, I feel like crap, but I can deal with it.


ReDinkyDink said...

Oh! Sounds awful! I sure hope the Zofran helps and you aren't miserable for long.

Kayce said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry. That does not bring back happy memories for me. I hope the Zofran is your wonderful magic drug again this time and that you get back to feeling mostly normal again soon.