Thursday, January 03, 2008

Early Education
This morning began registration for classes through the Parks & Rec department. Ever since we joined The Club, we've heard about the kids getting enrolled for all sorts of fun lessons & classes; swimming lessons, pre-school prep, art classes, gymnastics, ballet, cheer leading & farming, just to name a few. Logan is now old enough to start going to some of these classes.

After dropping Bill off at work, we came home & I started calling in to register. These classes fill up very fast & the line was busy. I got through a few times only to get a recording from the operator, "Your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later". One of the registration locations is just down the street from us, so I got Logan's coat on, threw on a hat & out the door we went - in our pajamas.

We got there & stood in line with a bunch of other moms & kids in their pajamas. They were all like us; tried to register some other way & couldn't get through. Standing in line with impatient kids, we all talked about & hoped that the classes we wanted to enroll in weren't filling up as we waited. After a 15 or 20 minute wait, we were finally able to register. It was really easy & we were able to get into all of the classes that we wanted.

Mid February, Logan will start his pre-school prep class: This class will direct your child’s attention to games, crafts, and stories while providing a positive “first time way away from Mom and Dad” experience. Although Logan hangs out at the gym daycare almost every day for 2 hour blocks, I thought this would be a great class for him. It's a structured learning environment where he will get to do all sorts of fun stuff. Considering he listens to instruction from others better than from me, he should have a great time.

At the end of March, he will start his swimming lessons: Parent participation class for children who are walking. Designed to introduce the child to deep water and to the wading pool at (name of pool) and shallow end at (name of another pool) while introducing beginning swimming skills. After Christmas vacation with swimming at the hotel pool, Bill & I knew that we had to get Logan in swimming lessons soon. He was already trying to swim on his own, kicking his legs & doing front strokes while Bill held him up in the water. The boy will be thrilled to learn how to swim (or so I hope).

I can't believe Logan is going to start "school". This is just insane. My baby is going to have teachers! And schools days! He's going to make new friends & have fun learning new things. This is happening all to fast.


Wendy said...

that sounds like so much fun! I live in a small town and they do not offer things like that. I told Michael that if I was able to stop watching kids at home, I would start a little preschool at the library or something. Nothing fancy, just activities and a time to let kids play and socialize. Give the parents a break also:) I never thought I would say this but I miss my little preschoolers:(

Jezer said...

You will LOVE it. Logan will LOVE it! Many of the things that I love about Alex's preschool revolve around his interaction with other children (yes, my two-year-old has a Best Friend! I'm not even kidding.), the early childhood development (he told me the other day that his shirt was blue. Hello? I didn't teach him that!), AND, perhaps most importantly, his eagerness to do things for his teachers that he's not crazy about doing at home, and the good foundation that this experience gives us all(i. e. giving up the beloved paci).

Have fun!