Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes I find myself wondering
When Logan is acting up & practically spending the day in time-out, I find myself wondering - what in the hell am I doing pregnant? This isn't going to be easy by any means (not that I thought it would be).

This morning we went to playgroup where we had a lot of fun & Logan got to run around like a wild banshee with his friends. As we were getting ready to leave, he had a massive meltdown & ended up in timeout for hitting me. Then we went to the grocery store where he whined the entire time. Old ladies were giving me dirty looks as I tried to pacify him with samples of popcorn that ended up being dropped behind us like the trail of breadcrumbs in Hansel & Gretel. He was a grump when he woke up from his nap & he was a grump when Bill got him ready for bed. I don't know what the kids deal was today, but it sucked. And then I thought, Crap. I'm going to have to deal with TWO kids like this. What was I thinking?

And the kicker? I hear that three years old is worse than the Terrible Two's.

He was happy a few times today, like at playgroup & when I came home from the gym to see him "vacuuming" the carpet while watching his cartoons with Bill. The cutest was when I was getting ready to go to the gym & was getting dressed in the bedroom. He pointed to my stomach & said "Baby". I was so surprised & it melted my heart. Then he followed that up with pointing to the marks my ever-shrinking jeans made on my stomach & said "color". Thanks kid, but I wish that was marker & I was coloring on myself - I'm just bloated.


Anonymous said...

Braidi turned threee in Nov. and I think that he is finally starting to get easier.He can tell us what he wants now,diapers are almost completely in the past,he holds our hand so we don't have to carry him.It will start to get easier believe me.Just try to take care of yourself it will get better.Anyways I am not really anonymous blogger won't let me sign in.

Dawn B said...

I still think having 2 is easier than having 1. I don't why. Maybe I'm just weird.
The first few months are sort of rough, but it mellows out and you'll get to see how wonderful of a big brother Logan is.