Friday, February 01, 2008

Doctors appointments for all
Talk about a crazy day. It's been one appointment after another. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling really sick. I didn't eat much & I drank even less. I knew I had to call my OB because things can get out of hand quickly with HG. I called to see if I could increase my dosage & they wanted to see me.

This morning Logan woke up with a really bad cough. It was so bad that I thought it was serious (like croup or pneumonia). We got him in earlier this morning before I went in for my appointment. It turns out he does have croup. It's a very mild case & he doesn't need any medication (thankfully). He's not even contagious, so we can still have his birthday party tomorrow. After getting the all clear, I dropped him off at photographer friends' house so I could go to my appointment.

By the time of the appointment, I hadn't had anything to eat or drink for almost 24 hours. They checked the urine sample for ketones to see how dehydrated I was. There were some, but not a lot, so I didn't have to get re-hydrated today. The Doctor increased my dosage of zofran & told me that if anything changed over the weekend, I would have to come in immediately. I still have to go in to get checked out again next week. I'm really happy that they are so proactive about not letting me get so bad that I'll need IV's or another trip to urgent care.

So, Logan is napping & resting after a busy day (that started at 6:30AM) & I'm going to hit the sack & get some rest so I can at least try to get some energy to clean the house & get everything ready for Logan's party in the morning.

I can't wait until the weekend is over with.

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